The House of Glam

The House of Glam

The House of Glam: Lush Interiors and Design Extravaganza

By Gestalten


Welcome to The House of Glam ― Lush Interiors & Design Extravaganza. Challenging convention with maximalist flair, expect to see custom wallpapers, elegant fabrics, and rich marble, as well as mid-century design icons, geometry and echoes of Memphis. With an emphasis on personality, a new, young generation of interior designers like David Alhadeff, Cristina Celestino and Nina Yashar are creating homes that aspire to be as unique as their inhabitants, propelling residential design into the future.

This diverse architectural landscape is a feast for the eyes, where expressive colours, textures, unusual forms, and exotic materials combine to create a contemporary interpretation of an art deco or classic 1950s Hollywood film set interior. After all, designers are innate history buffs, and there is a wealth of history in architecture, decorative arts, fashion, and flick through the ages to cherry-pick and play with. These homes dream big. The House of Glam invites you into the most exciting homes, from Italy to the USA, that embody this decadent, playful trend, profiling key studios and designers at the forefront of the movement.

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