The Art of Critical Making

The Art of Critical Making

Rhode Island School of Design on Creative Practice

At Rhode Island School of Design, students are immersed in a culture where making questions, ideas, and objects, using and inventing materials, and activating experiences all help to define “critical making,” which is a way of thinking critically with your hands.

The Art of Critical Making, written by RISD faculty and staff, explains how “critical making” is used at RISD and can lead to innovation. The way of making that is taught at RISD is deeply personal, passionate, and often surprising.

This book shows how RISD supports the creative process, from the initial idea or prompt to the final product. It also advises on the critical questions and research needed to make great art and design.

  • This book examines how RISD teachers teach students to do thoughtful work using conceptual process, idea research, critical questions, and iteration.
  • The authors are from the Rhode Island School of Design faculty and staff, consistently ranked as the best college for fine arts and design in the United States.

The Art of Critical Making shows how context, materials, thought processes, and self-evaluation are used in this educational setting to help creative people learn how to do dynamic, memorable, and meaningful works.


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