Caroline Broadhead – Hardcover

Caroline Broadhead – Hardcover

Caroline Broadhead – Hardcover

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Monograph of the versatile British artist Caroline Broadhead spanning 44 years of jewellery art, textile works, dance collaborations and installations in historic buildings

Caroline Broadhead received the 2017 Lifetime Achievement Award by Goldsmiths’ Craft and Design Council (GB)

Caroline Broadhead (b. 1950) is a highly versatile artist who started in jewellery in the late 1970sโ€”since then extended her practice from ‘wearable objects’ and textile works to dance collaborations and installations in historic buildings. Broadhead’s work is concerned with the boundaries of an individual and the interface of inside and outside, public and private, including a sense of territory and personal space, presence and absence and a balance between substance and image. It has explored the outer extents of the body as seen through light, shadows, reflections and movement. This comprehensive overview also comprises a larger scale and collaborative works that aim to elicit a particular experience or start a train of thought.

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