French Art Deco by Jared Goss

French Art Deco by Jared Goss

An essential look at French Art Deco, with beautiful photos that make the book a work of art.

The French works shown at the Paris 1925 Exposition Internationale des Arts Dรฉcoratifs et Industriales are a great example of the French Art Deco style, which reflects the complex, modern tastes of the early 20th century.

The beautiful works on display were made with great skill and showed sophisticated modernity, but their roots were in tradition. People are still interested in Art Deco, and their interest has grown steadily. Art Deco is now better known and more collected than ever before.

  • This exciting book explains the historical background of the Art Deco movement and goes over the most critical parts of the style.
  • Over 100 masterpieces from the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s famous collection are shown in sumptuous, brand-new photographs.
  • 45 different artists took these photographs.
  • Each chapter is about another designer and has a biography, a discussion of the objects, and many quotes from writings from the time.
  • As one of the only books in English about French Art Deco, this is an essential addition to learning about and appreciating the style.


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