101 Things I Learned® in Product Design School

101 Things I Learned® in Product Design School

101 Things I Learned® in Product Design School

By Sung Jang, Martin Thaler and Matthew Frederick



An engaging, enlightening, and cleverly illustrated guide to product design, written by experienced professional designers and instructors.

Products are in every area of our lives, but just what product designers do and how they think is a mystery to most. Product design is not art, engineering, or craft, even as it calls for skills and understanding in each area—along with psychology, history, cultural anthropology, physics, ergonomics, materials technology, marketing, and manufacturing. This accessible guide provides an entry point into this vast field through 101 briefs, illustrated lessons exploring such areas as

• why all design is performed about the body
• why every product is part of a system
• the difference between being clever and being gimmicky
• why notions of beauty are universal across cultures
• how to use both storytelling and argument to effectively persuade

Written by three experienced design instructors and professionals, 101 Things I Learned® in Product Design School provides concise, thoughtful touchpoints for beginning design students, experienced professionals, and anyone else wishing to understand better this complex field that shapes our lives every day.

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