The Social Design Reader

The Social Design Reader

The Social Design Reader

By Elizabeth Resnick



The Social Design Reader explores how design can be a catalyst social change. Bringing together critical texts of the last fifty years, editor Elizabeth Resnick traces the emergence of socially responsible design. This volume represents the authentic voices of the thinkers, writers, and designers who are helping to build a ‘canon’ of informed literature that documents the discipline’s development.

The Social Design Reader is divided into three parts. Section 1: Making a Stand introduces the term ‘social design’ and features papers that explore its historical underpinnings. Section 2: Creating the Future documents the emergence of social design as a concept, as a developing field of study, and subsequently as a rapidly developing professional discipline, and Section 3: A Sea Change is made up of papers acknowledging social design as a firmly established practice.

Contextualising section introductions are provided to aid readers in understanding the source material. At the same time, summary boxes clearly articulate how each text fits with the larger milieu of social design theory, methods, and practice.

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