The Persona Lifecycle: A Field Guide

The Persona Lifecycle: A Field Guide

The Persona Lifecycle: Keeping People in Mind Throughout Product Design

By John Pruitt and Tamara Adlin


The Persona Lifecycle is a field guide exclusively focused on interaction design’s most popular new technique. The authors developed the Persona Lifecycle model to communicate personas’ value and practical application to product design and development professionals. The Persona Lifecycle addresses the “how” of creating effective personas and using those personas to design products that people love. It doesn’t just describe the value of personas; it offers detailed techniques and tools related to planning, creating, communicating, and using personas to create great product designs. Moreover, it provides rich examples, samples, and illustrations to imitate and model. Perhaps most importantly, it positions personas not as a panacea but as a method to complement other user-centred design (UCD) techniques, including scenario-based design, cognitive walkthroughs and user testing.

This book explores the complete lifecycle of personas to guide the designer at each stage of product development. It includes a running case study with rich examples and samples that demonstrate how personas can build a product end-to-end. It also presents recommended best practices in techniques, tools, and innovative methods. It contains hundreds of relevant stories, commentary, opinions, and case studies from user experience professionals across various domains and industries.

This book will be a valuable resource for UCD professionals, including usability practitioners, interaction designers, technical writers, program managers; programmers/developers who act as the interaction designers for software; and those professionals who work with developers and designers.

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