Living Tower (1969) by Verner Panton

Living Tower (1969) by Verner Panton

When Less is More: Verner Panton’s Living Tower

The “Pantower” and the room Panton designed for Bayer AG’s “Visiona II” exhibition in 1970 show that people are still interested in small environments. In the late 1960s, some people stopped thinking of seats as “equipment for living” and more as “tools for social play.”

Verner Panton’s Living Tower is a piece of furniture that looks like it grew out of the ground. It can be used on four different levels. The seating tower is over two metres tall and has a strong frame of birch plywood. The interior niches are cleverly set up so they can be used while sitting or lying down. This makes it easier to talk to each other and relax.

Plant yourself at home with this beautiful piece of furniture. A seating tower can be used on four different levels, as well as being comfortable for sitting or lying down. Shop now!



  • Structural frame:  birch plywood.
  • Upholstery:  polyurethane foam.


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