Touchscreen Mist Cleaner, Screen Cleaner Spray

Touchscreen Mist Cleaner, Screen Cleaner Spray

Screen Cleaner for You iPad, Laptop, MacBook Pro, Cell Phone

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  • Highlights of the product: with spraying and rubbing, It is easy to carry with its size of a lipstick, it is soft for its super fibre cloth and do not hurt the screen, the decontamination ability is strong, It can be used repeatedly, it can be used after cleaning and drying
  • Functions:cleaning,disinfect,antistatic, degreasing, Remove the oil and fingerprint, Scope of useing: Currently using for cellphone/ tablet PC/notebook PC/indicator/television screen
  • Character: Faint fragrance, No alcohol, Non-toxic harmless, do not drop hair colour, a spray a wipe, convenient and practical.
  • Material: AS+True super fiber+cleaning solution(Deionized purified water,Surfactant, etc.) Size:3.45inx1.1inx1.1in
  • Using methods:1. Spray the cleaner head to the screen at a distance of 1-2 from the 3.9in 2. Remove stains by gently wiping the super fibre cloth on the bottle. 3. After wiping, it is as clean as new
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