Alessi Plissé Design Electric Kettle in Thermoplastic Resin

The Plissé Electric Kettle, designed by Michele De Lucchi, combines functionality with an aesthetic inspired by pleated fabric. This thermoplastic resin appliance features a discreet base, thermal insulation, and an anti-limescale filter, enhancing convenience and durability.Read More →

Van Cleef & Arpels: The Art & Science of Gems

The monograph “Van Cleef & Arpels: The Art & Science of Gems” beautifully portrays the jewellery house’s century-long legacy of elegance and exceptional craftsmanship through thematic organization and rich imagery.Read More →

Art into life: Russian Constructivism, 1914-1932

Art into life: Russian Constructivism, 1914-1932

By Richard; Milena Kalinovska AndrewsRead More →

Frida Self-Portrait with Monkey, 1938 Poster Print, Overall SIze: 16x20, Image Size: 12x16.25

Frida Kahlo’s “Self Portrait with Monkeys” uses masterful color juxtaposition to convey emotion, story, and depth. Rich hues, stark contrasts, and intentional placement direct viewers’ gaze, encapsulating narrative and demonstrating color theory proficiency.Read More →

The Hero's Closet: Sewing for Cosplay and Costuming Paperback

“The Hero’s Closet” is a comprehensive DIY guide for cosplayers, offering detailed sewing instructions, character art translation tips, advice on fabric and embellishment techniques, plus 11 base patterns for creating various costumes.Read More →

New Nordic Houses Hardcover

This collection highlights contemporary Nordic houses in diverse locations and terrains, emphasizing their adaptation to variable climates, usage of natural materials and innovative designs satisfying changing lifestyles.
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Bauhaus Weimar Expo 1923 Long Panel Framed Wall Art Print

The Bauhaus Weimar Exhibition Art Print exhibits the signature Bauhaus design with bold typography, geometric forms, and a limited color scheme. The art piece, depicting details of a 1923 exhibition, comes framed, ready to enhance any décor setting.Read More →

Abstract Geometric Bauhaus Prints Bauhaus Wall Art

The Bauhaus School revolutionized design, creating a lasting influence with its philosophy that “form follows function”. Focused on simplicity, clarity and geometry, the school’s principles continue to shape modern poster design. Key contributors included Herbert Bayer, Joost Schmidt, and László Moholy-Nagy.
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EXCOOL CLUB Neutral Abstract Wall Art - 12x16 Bauhaus Poster

The Bauhaus Poster Wall Art Set offers timeless mid-century modern design, making it an ideal gift for vintage enthusiasts. It delivers a bridge between past and present, unified, minimalist Bauhaus design, and high-quality prints packaged carefully for longevity.Read More →

Oriental Poppies by Georgia O'Keeffe - 25 x 30 inches - Fine Art Print / Poster

Georgia O’Keeffe’s “Oriental Poppies” encapsulates her floral fascination, featuring myopic views of blooms, bold shapes, rich textures, and striking colours. The abstract interpretation invites deeper audience engagement, reflecting on overlooked everyday beauty.Read More →

Klimt & Rodin: An Artistic Encounter

Klimt & Rodin: An Artistic Encounter

By Tobias G. Natter

On the 100th anniversary of their deaths, Gustav Klimt and Auguste Rodin are celebrated. Opulent volume highlights the remarkable parallels between the two creators. Their passion for the human figure, erotic subject matter, pioneering techniques, and the achievement of international success.Read More →

Klimt: 16 Art Stickers (Dover Art Stickers)

Klimt: 16 Art Stickers (Dover Art Stickers)

By Gustav Klimt

Gustav Klimt (1862-1918) made paintings that describe a neurotic and erotic world of humans caught in a bright and bejewelled background. These eerily gorgeous stickers will thrill art fans and enthral admirers of this artist’s work.Read More →

Golden Tarot of Klimt Mini Deck: Pocket Gold Edition Cover Art

Golden Tarot of Klimt Mini Deck: Pocket Gold Edition

By Atanas A. Atanassov

Lo Scarabeo’s Golden Tarot of Klimt is a mini-edition of the classic card set. The gold-foil mini-deck explores love, death, sensuality, and regeneration. Mini tarot decks make great gifts and stocking stuffers for tarotists.Read More →

Gustav Klimt: Landscapes Cover Art

Gustav Klimt: Landscapes

By Stephan Koja

Gustav Klimt’s landscapes represent an important facet of his artistic expression. For many years the artist travelled to the Austrian and Italian countryside during the summer to sketch and paint landscapes. These images comprise all extant landscapes from this brilliant artist, illustrating his mastery beyond portraiture.Read More →

Klimt Hardcover – Illustrated, September 17, 2015 by Gilles Néret

Gustav Klimt, renowned for his luminescent and thematic paintings, remains significant due to his focus on universal themes. TASCHEN’s Basic Art Series offers an immersive exploration into Klimt’s life, themes, and lavish art style.Read More →

The Kiss Gustav Klimt 1908-1909

Gustav Klimt, a late 19th and early 20th-century symbolist painter, integrated art and design, pushing aesthetic boundaries. His ornate, symbolic work continues to inspire diverse design fields, including textiles, interiors, and furniture.Read More →

General Purpose Scissors

Scissors, dating back 3,000 to 4,000 years to Mesopotamia, illustrate human ingenuity and adaptation. Their varied designs reflect specific applications, historical periods, regional craftsmanship, and advancements in technology. Today, China dominates the global scissor industry, although several countries contribute unique designs.Read More →