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Cabinet attributed to Daniel Pabst featured image

Daniel Pabst (1826โ€“1910) was a German American furniture designer and cabinetmaker, best known for his work in the modern Gothic style. He studied at the technical high school in Hesse-Darmstadt and was one of the hundreds of German craftsmen and furniture workers who settled in Philadelphia in the mid-19th century. He opened his own workshop in 1854 and made highly carved furniture in the style of the Renaissance revival for Bullitt, Disston, Furness, Ingersoll, Newbold, McKean, Parry, Wistar, and Wyeth. Read More →

Sniffin Glue fanzine cover featured image

The DIY style was one of the novelties that British punk introduced in the 1970s. There were hundreds of these fanzines, the most well-known of which being Sniff in ‘Glue. i-D, published by the art director Terry Jones, evolved from a fanzine into a publishing success.Read More →

LED Lighting room example

LED lighting is becoming increasingly popular as an eco-friendly alternative to traditional lighting due to its low energy consumption, long lifespan, and bright white light. This guide explains how LED lights save energy and how their efficiency can be measured using the LED efficiency formula. LED Lighting Experience is a leading provider of lighting information and guides.Read More →

The MoMA Design Store has partnered with George Sowden to launch the Sowden Lighting Collection. This is an enlarged lighting collection comprising floor, table, and pendant lights that convey ideas. There are two types of table lamps, five pendant lamps, a floor lamp, and a new portable lamp in the collection. Sowden came up with the idea to make things out of silicone in 2020 after he saw how light passed through the material softly and comfortably without changing the simple shape of each fixture. From $149 to $499, prices range.Read More →

  Isamu Noguchi: sculpting the world   In celebration of its 40th anniversary, the LaMRead More →

India’s influence on Western fashion has been a complex and layered history of admiration, appropriation,Read More →

Apple is known all over the world for its great designs, such as the iMacRead More →

Marcel Bruer Cantilever Chair

Marcel Breuer’s Bauhaus minimalism redefined a household basic, making chairs light, strong, and simple by bending metal and combining it with canvas, caning, or leather. He was one of the first people to make chairs out of tubular steel, and his B5 chair is one of two groundbreaking Breuer chairs that were a big change from the overstuffed chairs of the Edwardian era and helped start a new way of looking at furniture. Read More →

Buro Happold are helping to deliver Newark Works, a flagship regeneration project that will reestablish a thriving commercial quarter in Bath. Image: TCN

Due to the pandemic, there has been a change in office layout, with hybrid working providing a means of lowering carbon footprints and enhancing work-life balance. Teams of multidisciplinary experts from Buro Happold are assisting clients in reimagining their workspaces. Companies are investing in their offices to encourage employees to spend time with their teams, and people are still attempting to strike the right balance between working from home and from the office.Read More →

An art deco building is at the centre of a fight between theatre advocates andRead More →

Moreton Bay council is seeking views on two designs โ€“ one art deco, the otherRead More →

Batman: The Animated Series gave us film noir with its art deco design and femmeRead More →

… between JDS Development and award-winning SHoP Architects, the 93-story tower features an Art DecoRead More →

The art deco era may have happened a long time ago but it is stillRead More →

De Ploeg: Curtain Fabrics and Upholstry Fabrics. (n.d.). De Ploeg: curtain fabrics and upholstry fabrics. Retrieved March 18, 2023, from

De Ploeg has been making and designing high-end upholstery and curtain fabrics since 1923, gaining international recognition for its innovative designs and high-quality fabrics.Read More →

Aune Siimes Featured Image

Aune Siimes (1909 – 1964) was a Finnish ceramicist. She attended Taideteollinen Korkeakoulu in Helsinki from 1932 to 1933.Read More →

Anchor Blocks

Anchor Blocks were a German system of building blocks that were popular as a children’s construction toy in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, notably in Europe. Dr F. Ad. Richter in Rudolstadt, Germany, began developing and manufacturing the system in 1879. The concept was based on the FROEBEL block system, which significantly impacted Frank Lloyd WRIGHT’s design philosophy.Read More →

Greenwood Pottery

Greenwood Pottery was an American pottery that made industrial white-granite and cream-coloured tableware, as well as ceramic hardware like doorknobs and electrical insulation.Read More →

Brutalism Interior Design

Khaite held its fall 2023 runway show in SoHo, where models weaved in and out of Richard Serra-esque industrial metal sculptures. The flagship was designed by Griffin Frazen, who wanted to create a setting where his wife’s aesthetic vision would be uncompromised by its surroundings.Read More →

Vase by Marcel Goupy featured image

Marcel Goupy was a painter, ceramist, decorator of glass and crystal, and designer known for his Art Deco style. Marcel Goupy was an important figure in the Art Deco era, making glass vases, decanters, and lemonade and liqueur sets.Read More →