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An image from inside Design: We Work

While we’d all love to design new things from scratch every time a project gets put in front of us, the truth is that custom, bespoke design doesn’t scale. It’s slow, inconsistent, and difficult to maintain as it gets larger, more widespread, and more unwieldy.Read More →

anime family

Some photos I took on a recent trip to Tokyo with my Wife.  I am exploring some of the design principles of repetition and balance for my blog. Read More →

Balance - Woman in blue dress

Balance is one of the important points the success of a design. Everyone loves the convenience (not lame) to what they see. Balance in graphic design can be achieved by adjusting the visual weight of each element, both in terms of scale, colour, contrast, etc.Read More →

Professional photographer and film director Platon Yurich makes surrealistic photographs. He uses models and unearths unique places to give his shots a mysterious and dreamlike genre. His work is to discover on Instagram.Read More →

Explore the Golden ThĂłrsmörk, Iceland with Marina Weishaupt AoiroStudio Mar 02, 2018 We are exploring the Southern part of Iceland today with photographer Marina Weishaupt. She is from Germany and truly a passionate about nature, animals, and environment.Read More →

solitude, “the harvest of the quiet eye”

IN THE YEAR 1845 Henry Thoreau went to live on a small farm at Walden Pond near Concord Mass.  Having written nothing of significance, he was still unknown outside the circle of his Concord friends.  Intuitively Thoreau recognised he must find solitude to discover himself.Read More →