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A Psychotherapist website is the online persona of your practice. It needs to reflect the most important qualities that you possess as a therapist. An effective visual aesthetic on a therapist website helps express the emotional qualities of the Therapist and the Practice. 1. Compassion. Effective therapists can feel empathyRead More →

Life, “All must play the game whether we want to or not”. I recently watched a TedTalk by the game theorist and designer Jane McGonigal. A Google search a few clicks later I was playing her latest game Superbetter. The idea of this app is that life’s challenges can beRead More →

River with Yo-Yo Ma quote

What would it mean to argue that creativity is not anything special? It is not uncommon for people to say to me, “How did you ever get that idea?” Without meaning to be glib I say, “step by step” I can see the disappointment in their eyes, they want aRead More →

she' hot

If you have a LinkedIn or a Facebook profile, you would have most likely heard that you should use a professional personal photograph for your profile picture. I took this advice seriously enough to employ one of my professional photographer Friends to take my Facebook and LinkedIn profile picture forRead More →

Leadership as a skill is in short supply. The characteristics of a good leader in my opinion are; Ability to listen. A willingness to delegate. A desire to give others credit. Not on my list of leadership qualities are having firm and fixed opinion, being right all the time, beingRead More →

Street Art on Shepherd Lane, DarlingtonRead More →

“White space” is a design term that refers to the open space between or around text or design elements. White space is of particular importance in web site designs as it helps guide the reader’s eye from one area of the page to another.It enhances readability and balances the graphics on the page.Read More →

If yellow is the easiest colour to see why are stops signs red? Yellow is the most natural colour for people to see.  So if that is the case, why would stop signs be red? Colour influences our emotions, while yellow is the easiest colour to see, red is knownRead More →

I am dog walking for a friend, and it provided me with the opportunity to explore some of the local Redfern street art.  A couple of pieces were on Cleveland Street, and I have never been able to get an opportunity to get a photo, until now… Enjoy…Read More →

Great web design is that perfect balance between form and function. The quality of a design is not just about beautiful pixels. A well-designed website will provide insight into how a visitor may be expected to be treated, the integrity of your product or service. The design of your websiteRead More →

Is your website loading too slowly? Websites are becoming laden with content, and this is going to affect the load time of your webpage. One method to reduce the frustration of your users is to add a Custom Preloader Screen. The first time my Wife and I travelled to BangkokRead More →

Photo CC – MsSaraKelly Internet advertising allows businesses to notify their customers about products, their brand, services.  The internet, as a means of global communication, offers advertisers a unique and often cost-effective way to reach their audiences. As with all media, however, Internet advertising has advantages and disadvantages. Internet advertisingRead More →