Pantone desert with mountains on horizon

Want your designs to read as fun, playful, vibrant, and exciting? Then try Flame Orange. According to colour psychology, people tend to describe orange as a bright, happy, energetic colour that inspires feelings of excitement and enthusiasm—so if you want your designs to be described in the same way, thisRead More →

The world’s first 3D-printed bridge , a humanoid walrus and a Dezeen panel discussion on the anthropocene are among our top 10 Instagram highlights from Dutch Design Week 2018 . Dezeen is media partner for  Dutch Design Week  which started on 20 October and ends this weekend. Source: 10 InstagramRead More →

Best self-tests

Never mind those silly online quizzes that tell you what your spirit animal is. Here are some online tests that measure useful abilities designers should have, like visual acuity, memory recall, the ability to eyeball and more. (Most are from 2018, but we’ve thrown in a few from earlier years.)Read More →

2018 Design Trend Recap: The Year’s Most Daring Home Design Trends

It may be hard to believe, but it’s almost 2019. That’s why we’re taking this opportunity to pause and look back at the last year at Freshome. We explored a lot in 2018. But what really made its mark? Which daring trends reshaped our homes – and maybe even ourRead More →

How to Say "Cheers" in 10 Different Languages

New Year’s Eve means a lot of different things to different people across the globe, but one thing stays true for just about everyone: It’s a time to celebrate and reflect. And while stateside we like to ring in the New Year with champagne and a congenial “cheers,” different culturesRead More →

The 10 most fun stories of 2018

From badly-drawn footballers and wonderfully garish royals to hilarious poster mashups – plus a whole host of cats and dogs – these are the stories that tickled us most in 2018. For the most part, we take creativity seriously here at Digital Arts. Source: The 10 most fun stories ofRead More →

Co-working spaces aren’t about working anymore: in the age of millennial loneliness, they’re mostly about finding one’s social niche. Source: Top Trend of 2018: Friendly co-workingRead More →

It’s that time again. People turning over a new leaf and pledging to be fitter, more productive, and overall better versions of themselves are gunning their mental engines for the start of 2019. This despite the fact that more than a quarter (27%) have left off trying by the firstRead More →

Living our best lives can take form in a multitude of practices that differ from person to person — and regardless of what our varying aspirations may be, each year we line up new resolutions in place of the old to maintain this ideal homeostasis. Source: 14 Products And PracticesRead More →

Top 10 Hi-Fructose Posts of 2018

From Heidi Lee’s wearable art to the world’s biggest interactive digital art museum, these are the 10 most popular posts on this year. As always, thank you for reading and engaging with our blog posts and quarterly issues . Source: Top 10 Hi-Fructose Posts of 2018Read More →

Yasuyoshi Chiba, a staff photographer with AFP, spent nearly the entire year of 2018 in Kenya, documenting an incredibly wide range of subjects, landscapes, and issues. Chiba has been on staff with AFP since 2011, winning multiple awards for his photojournalism based mostly in Brazil and Kenya. Source: 2018 SeenRead More →

This year saw a marked rise in internet horniness. People in 2018 were horny for everything: sweaty politicians, Netflix rom-com stars, a hot duck. This was the year that gave us a ripped kangaroo and a Japanese squirrel with boobs, not to mention an aquarium that had to apologize afterRead More →

Curated Design News from around the World. A daily eclectic mix of some of the best design news from around the world.Read More →

Curated Design News from around the World. A daily eclectic mix of some of the best design news from around the world.Read More →

If you’re yet to go, make it happen. Visiting NGV International’s most ambitious and varied offering to date is, at the least, a tri-weekly to-do for me – it’s that good! Read More →