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Charles Burchfield Featured Image

Burchfield was pegged, to some degree, as a regionalist; however, he was working with his personal form of realism.ย  He rejected the regionalist moniker; instead, he viewed himself as an American artist.Read More →

Georgia O'Keeffe featured image

GEORGIA O’Keeffe, the acclaimed American painter and pioneer of modern art, lived long enough she was 98 when she died to see her work honoured as masterpieces in American museums. She continued to paint regularly well into her eighties until her eyesight began to fail, and she had to give up what she once called her “struggle to do justice to the feelings Nature inspires.”Read More →

Future of Fashion

When the American conceptual artist Joseph Kosuth created the 1965 art installation One and Three Chairs, he spread a chairโ€™s function across several mediums. Read More →

View of James Bishop's 2014 exhibition

Painter James Bishop has died at age 93. His lyrical abstractions juxtapose fields of colour or expanses of primed and painted canvas. He often worked on found materials, displaying careful attention to his substrateโ€™s surface. In an essay for our October 2008 issue, artist and critic Joe Fyfe responded to a retrospective at the Art Institute of Chicago that centred Bishopโ€™s work on paper. โ€œBishopโ€™s paintings on paper arise from a carefully determined process and an openness to accident,โ€ Fyfe writes. โ€œWorking on a small scale, often in series, he achieves a gentle grandeur.โ€Read More →