viaXL Reclaimed Wood Nesting Table

Three-in-one nested side tables are attractive yet functional accent items that may be presented together or individually as needed, earning them bonus points for functionality. Dual-purpose furniture is perfect for today’s lives and interiors. Nesting tables were designed with mobility and flexibility in mind, and they can be arranged in an infinite number of attractive and functional configurations. Read More →

It was said to ideal for Picnics and Outings. It was not a toy but a genuine gramophone with a THORENS worm-gear motor. It had an ingenious Tonearm and Sound-box that folded away. It played all needle records, 10″ and average 12″ with one winding.Read More →

Antique Writing Desk

The writing desk or bureaux originated in the early seventeenth century from old fashioned Bible boxes. They were flat boxes just large enough to hold the family Bible, which was the most treasured possession. These boxes were almost always kept upon a shelf in the living room. The boxes flat surface and conveniently high form, the owner became accustomed to stand and write their letters on the Bible boxes.Read More →