Japanese flower arranging featured image

The arrangements of flowers offer far more than a pattern employing flowers and foliage neatly distributed in an appropriate container.
Not only is it a form of relaxation, but flower arrangement reawakens an awareness of nature upon which a philosophy โ€“ that of restraint and simplicity โ€” is based.Read More →

Korean studio Everyday Practice is constantly challenging its own design methodologies. Not only working in two-dimensional print, the studio, founded by Kwon Joonho, Kim Kyung-chul and Kim also expands its creative practice across a multitude of digital and experiential platforms.Read More →

Isamu Noguchi featured image

Although most often described as a sculptor, Isamu Noguchiโ€™s output wasnโ€™t confined to the realms of decorative art. He made stage sets, furniture (his eponymous coffee table is a cult piece) and created interiors as well as gardens.Read More →

Japanese Woodblock Prints featured image

A picture is worth a million wordsโ€ฆ At least that is how people feel when viewing illustrations by a mysterious Japanese performer Avogado6 . The illustrator and movie editor doesnโ€™t share many personal facts about his life. โ€œI am a normal person who likes chemistry,โ€ he writes on his Twitter profileRead More →