Banksy's 'Show Me The Monet' To Star In Sotheby's 'Modernites/Contemporary' Evening Sale Series

Sotheby’s is preparing to sell “Show Me the Monet” by Banksy as part of its  Modernités / Contemporary auction, which will be streamed live from Paris and London on October 21. Ironic as it may seem, the canvas on the excesses of consumerism will likely be sold for several million pounds.Read More →

banksy reinterprets monet

A modern version of an Impressionist painting by guerilla artist Banksy is expected to fetch up to $9 million at auction in the UK. The secretive British graffiti artist did his own spin on Claude Monet’s iconic footbridge at Giverny but added shopping trolleys and a witch’s hat dumped inRead More →

Banksy mural NYC - You Loot We Shoot

Elusive British street artist Banksy just officially acknowledged his “You Loot, We Shoot” mural that recently popped up in New York City as part of his mini-trip in the United States of America. The stencilled artwork shows a businessman in suit from the NYSE ( New York Stock Exchange )Read More →

Banksy Port Albert Mural

Yesterday, Banksy Abandoned his mark in the South Wales town of Port Talbot, his first in the UK nation. The area drew attention earlier this year when the World Health Organization report named it the polluted community from the UK. Source: Banksy’ New Mural Appeared in South Wales town ofRead More →

The London-based Israeli art collector Batia Ofer has accused Banksy of anti-Semitism after the famed street artist shared a satirical pro-Palestine poster on Instagram. The poster depicts children using a war-damaged watchtower as an amusement-park ride and includes the slogan “Visit historic Palestine” followed by the tagline “The Israeli armyRead More →

A print by Banksy valued at $45,000 was snatched from an art exhibition in Toronto’s West End curated by Steve Lazarides, the artist’s former dealer. The theft occurred on Sunday, before the exhibition was open to the public. Surveillance footage released by authorities yesterday shows a person with a coveredRead More →

Banksy (previously) has emerged this week on the streets of New York, creating at least two new artworks, his first pieces in the city since his ‘residency’ five years ago. In one large work spanning the length of the famed mural space at the corner of Houston Street and Bowery in ManhattanRead More →

Taking his turn at one of the most highly regarded mural walls in the United States, Banksy (or Borf on his behalf, as mentioned in some media) decided to paint an explicit, politically charged piece. With almost no references to his previous or recognizable work, without any hidden messages or beating around the bush, he revealed the new piece on his official Instagram:Read More →

Photographer and filmmaker Daniel Mercadante know how to bring colours and magic to dull landscapes. He is painting rainbow pathways using light and long exposure that he then captures on camera. Could you imagine where those lit and colourful roads could lead you?Read More →