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The Catholic Counter-Reformation is closely related with Baroque, which peaked in Rome around 1630–1680. Despite its origins in Rome, the Baroque style influenced people all around Europe. Its rapid pace, striking realism (giving spectators the feeling that they were watching an actual event), and direct emotional appeal were perfectly suited to announcing the Catholic Church’s renewed vitality. Read More →

St Paul's Cathedral. The nave, looking towards the choir

Baroque art is the art of turmoil and tension. Forsaking the horizontal and vertical precision of Renaissance forms, it placed its emphasis on depth and recession, on diagonal lines in space, and even on spirals.Read More →

This is Part II in a series designed to give readers a primer on theRead More →

Giovanna Garzoni, “Dog with a Biscuit and a Chinese Cup” (1640s),” miniature on parchment (imageRead More →

Expert advice and helpful tips for decorating with Baroque-style art When it comes to addingRead More →

The term ‘baroque’ is a slippery one. When it first emerged in the 18th century,Read More →