French Neoclassical console chair

French furniture has evolved over 200 years, showcasing varying styles including the grandeur of the Baroque era, the whimsical Rococo, the simplicity of Neoclassical designs, the departure of Art Nouveau, and a 20th-century revival of previous styles. These iconic styles continue to inspire contemporary design.Read More →

Vahan Khachatryan Notjustlabel profile (screenshot from website).

Armenian-born fashion designer Vahan Khachatryan uses his multicultural education and exposure to create a blend of Italian baroque and French rococo with Eastern geometric clarity. His collections, like ‘The Treasures of Armenia’, use fashion as a form of cultural diplomacy, bringing Armenian history and traditions to international audiences. His design philosophy, deeply rooted in Eastern minimalism and Western richness, reflects his experiences and unique fashion philosophy.Read More →