A genus of perennial flowering herbs with a compound inflorescence, or subshrubs (family Asteraceae). They are indigenous to Asia and Eastern Europe and were first grown in China. There are now so many varieties and cultivars, commonly cultivated for ornament. In Design In many cultures, they have symbolic importance. In Japan, the emperor who occupies the Chrysanthemum Throne is symbolised by the chrysanthemum, and the flower appears on the Imperial Standard.

For millennia, and among almost every culture, flowers and trees have been adopted as symbols, type and emblems of human groups and affiliations.  The “War of the Roses” the red and white roses which were the badges of Lancastrian and York rivals to the English throne.Read More →

The Faience Manufacturing Company was an American manufacturing company that operated between 1880 – 1892 in the Greenpoint area of Brooklyn, New York. There is little evidence of the remains of the Company as it failed in 1892.Read More →