The Most Terrible Night. View of Kongens Nytorv in Copenhagen During the English Bombardement of Copenhagen at Night between 4 and 5 September 1807

The exhibition was shown at National museum, Stockholm. Although Denmark is a neighbour and the two countries share a common art history – the art that shaped Denmark’s image is surprisingly unknown in Sweden. During the 19th century, art that combined equal parts magical and realistic imagery grew out ofRead More →

The Danish Golden Age is the term for a period of Danish art and cultural life from approx. 1800 to approx. 1850. At the beginning of the 1820s, one could talk about a real Copenhagen art school that made Copenhagen an art centre on an equal footing with Munich, Dresden,Read More →

Few golden ages, whether the Netherlands in the 17th century, Elizabeth I’s England or Spain for a century from 1580, have had such abject beginnings as the Danish Golden Age. In 1801 the British defeated Denmark’s navy at the Battle of Copenhagen; in 1807 British ships bombarded Copenhagen itself, destroyingRead More →

View from Dosseringen near the Sortedam Lake (1838) by Christen Købke

The “Golden Age” is a term for the period between ca. 1800 and ca. 1850 in Danish painting. The term “Danish golden age of Painting” can be found in relation to H.C. Ørsted, who described his contemporary as special springtime. Source: The Golden Age | SMK – National Gallery ofRead More →