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Consumerism - Vance Packard

American writer who exposed the negative effects of consumerism in the developed world, including The Hidden Persuaders, Waste Makers, The Naked Society, and The People Shapers. He was a member of a long line of critics of capitalist culture. LEARN MORERead More →

John Ruskin social critic featured image

John Ruskin (1819 – 1900) was a British social critic and writer. His influential books The Seven Lamps of Architecture (1849) and The Stones of Venice (1851—53) show his interest in architecture, particularly the Gothic style. Read More →

Roger Fry Garment featured image

Roger Fry was a British painter, writer, art critic, designer, and lecturer. He was born in London. Between 1885 – 1890, he studied natural sciences, Cambridge University, and Académie Julian, Paris, 1892. Read More →