Cameo Incrustation Example

The evolution of Cameo Incrustation, from its French origins to its British transformation and the ongoing legacy at Ford’s Edinburgh Glasshouse. This timeless art form, beautifully encapsulating the essence of historical figures and other subjects, continues to captivate art enthusiasts around the world.Read More →

Art Nouveau

Art Nouveau – Everything Old is New Again It has been said about fashion today that “everything old is newRead More →

Boucheron featured image

Boucheron was a French court jeweller with branches in Paris, London, Biarritz, and New York. Founded by Frederic Boucheron (1858). Famous for elaborate diamond jewellery during the late 19th century. Expensive novelties shown at international exhibitions in Paris (1867 and 1900) and Philadelphia (1876) attracted wealthy customers (mainly American).Read More →

Paul Follot featured image

His early graphic design reflected a fascination with mediaeval and Pre-Raphaelite art. He joined Julius Meier-shop Graefe’s La Maison Moderne in Paris in 1901. He met Maurice Dufrรฉne and designed bronzes, jewellery, and fabrics.Read More →