Prayer Plants: Calathea or Maranta? The last houseplant I bought for myself (and not for a client) was a prayer plant. What drew me to it? Well, I was intrigued by the striking multicoloured striped leaves, its smaller habit, and yes, the common name (because who can’t use a littleRead More →

Garden statues

Think of them as art for your garden. Garden statues are the perfect accessory to enhance and intensify the intended mood of an outdoor space or sunroom. Whether you are looking to infuse your backyard with a bit of humour, balance the composition of your landscaping, or draw attention toRead More →

Whether you’re designing a garden from scratch or trying to figure out ways to make your current garden more attractive, you might want to consider looking at garden edging ideas. Garden edging is not mandatory. Plenty of gorgeous garden spaces simply sit right next to the lawn. Source: 5 StylishRead More →

How are you doing? We are officially on Summer break, and I have been busy with all things garden. I recently came across these boob planters and I love them! What a fun idea! Sonia Rose of Rosegrown is the creative behind these “booblicious” pots. Source: These Boob Planters areRead More →

You love your little succulents, don’t you? But did you know you can make more of these gorgeous little plants yourself? Propagating succulents is something that gardeners have been doing for hundreds (nay… millions!) of years. And you can totally do it too. Source: A Guide to Propagating SucculentsRead More →