A photograph of Toby Judge. Head of security for Bailey Street Design.

Originally posted in 2014 I first thought of the benefits of a studio dog when I visited The Distillery in Surry Hills, and I met Noftus, their golden retriever studio dog. He was so friendly, well behaved and played well with others, I thought ‘We can do that’. Toby wasRead More →

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  We could all benefit from living a healthier lifestyle. And today we’re going to go through 3 practical ways to do so. 1. Make Tryptophan Your New Best Friend According to the CDC more than a third of adults don’t get enough sleep. Source: 3 Simple Ways We CanRead More →

Recyclable Bottle Contains Reclaimed Ocean Plastic

REN Clean Skincare recently announced its Clean to Planet initiative, and will now be one of the first prestige skincare brands to offer consumers a product in a 100% recycled bottle containing reclaimed ocean plastic. This initiative is the brand’s latest step toward becoming a Zero Waste company. Source: RENRead More →

Have you heard about how good tea is? If you are a human being, your answer is probably yes. People in cultures around the world have been well-attuned to the joys of a hot cuppa for millennia. They have also heard of how nice it is to “sleep” and “breathe”Read More →

It’s that time again. People turning over a new leaf and pledging to be fitter, more productive, and overall better versions of themselves are gunning their mental engines for the start of 2019. This despite the fact that more than a quarter (27%) have left off trying by the firstRead More →

Non-alcoholic beer tends to look like a cheap knockoff of its boozy brethren. Take O’Doul’s, Anheuser-Busch’s no alcohol beer that has sported a pseudo-Irish lager label that looks as old as its 28 years of existence. No surprise here, but O’Douls was having trouble with millennials, which is what ledRead More →

Living our best lives can take form in a multitude of practices that differ from person to person — and regardless of what our varying aspirations may be, each year we line up new resolutions in place of the old to maintain this ideal homeostasis. Source: 14 Products And PracticesRead More →

Ahh!! The last couple of months have been CRAZY busy… So, I stopped taking breaks because I thought I could get MORE done. The problem? My productivity completely tanked. Something needed to change. And I had a lot of questions… Like, how do breaks help or hurt your productivity? Source:Read More →

There was huge discrimination against race, ethnicity, and gender in the 70s, marking this point in history as the time of the great divide between generations from the late 60s and 70s. Marianne Williamson was in her mid-twenties when this wave of the hippie movement, conservative backlash, and school dropoutsRead More →

You scroll through Instagram, feasting your eyes on idyllic, staged photos while you munch on your favourite snack, wishing you were as radiant and toned as this solo traveller, fashionista, vegan foodie, or possibly all three combined. Source: 3 Sources of Inspiration That Will Rekindle Your Love For SmoothiesRead More →

Sounds simple, but the act of practising gratitude helps put an end to anxious thoughts by forcing your brain to focus on the positive. Anxiety can often make you feel cut off from the world around you, and cultivating gratitude actively fights against that feeling. Source: What To Do InRead More →

De-stress – Get outdoors: Yes the weather outside is frightful, but that’s no reason to stay cooped up in the house or office. New Jersey is home to more than 50 state parks and numerous other sites for outdoor activities. On any smaller scale, a dose of fresh air canRead More →

Nostalgic recollections can help you develop, maintain or restore a sense of personal identity by weaving together the threads of your life’s story. (Getty Images) We all know people who love to reminisce about memories from the past. Source: How Nostalgia Can Be Good for Your Health and Well-BeingRead More →

The co-founder of WelleCo, a former supermodel, and wellness entrepreneur Elle Macpherson is inspiring women all over the world to transform their health through plant-based, nutrient-rich “living” foods. On today’s episode, Elle shares her story, which sprouted from a long period of not feeling well. Source: Elle Macpherson, Co-Founder OfRead More →

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The concept of well-being has many facets, yet themes weave through all stages of development and point to critical aspects of how and with whom we spend time. Money can’t buy love, but up to a certain level it is crucial to well-being. Source: Common Threads of Well-Being: 5 IdeasRead More →

You know that recently I have been using essential oils . For me, it was just a given after years and years of being unwell . I really needed something else in my life . I needed to make some changes. Mostly, I am interested in the low-tox living sideRead More →

For the past 15 years, I’ve been in the most peaceful, reliable, and fun relationship of my life. But our once-close connection has eroded. It’s my second marriage. We’ve brought two children into the world. We’ve traveled the world. Source: 5 Mindful, Intimate Ways to Reconnect with our Spouse.Read More →

No matter how much food is served during formal holiday dinners or festive potluck feasts—everyone always saves room for dessert. If you’re in charge of that all-important final course, don’t sweat it. In our latest Food With Benefits video, we’ve got a no-bake crowd-pleaser that brings together fluffy chocolate mousseRead More →

Life never remains the same for anyone; it is filled with various ups and downs, constant struggles and challenges. Most of the time, we get caught up in these struggles and forget to pay attention to our wellbeing. A healthy and positive mindset is also an essential part of prosperity.Read More →

You can buy Epsom salts at pretty much any grocery store or pharmacy in the United States, including these next-level Epsom salts at CVS . Bonus: They’re also very reasonably priced (you’ll usually pay somewhere between $5 and $10), and there are plenty of options to choose from—some even haveRead More →