Indian Grill Design

Windows are an introduction to the world beyond. They are an invincible part of any home since it brings in air, sunlight, views, sounds that could be music to ears or noise to irritate, weather… inside the house to make and keep it fresh and vibrant. More the windows better ventilated is the home. Moreover, windows allow the owner to show their creativity and decorate it. Designing the right kind of windows with protective grills can make a whole lot of difference in the overall appearance of the room from inside and protection of the house from outside. In Indian homes, we need grills for protection from theft, birds and animals, or simply for the security of our beloved family.Read More →

This simplistic, square building is an agriculture training centre in the rural area of Nimblak, Maharashtra, India. Built for the marginal farmers’ children, its purpose is to enable rural youth, the next generation of farmers, to learn various new agricultural techniques through short duration courses. The building, designed by theRead More →

[embedded content] To most of us, fresh flowers are a short-lived pleasure—a simple luxury that tends to fade away a little too quickly. I have favourite florists, favourite flowers, a favourite vase, and in another life, would have loved to have been a florist—but the significance is mostly aesthetic. InRead More →

varanasi colour swatch

The Ganges has been drawing men and women to its banks at Varanasi for at least 3000 years.  Today, they come to offer prayers and take holy dips at a site considered one of India’s most sacred.  They come to cremate their loved ones at the ghats, literally “steps” leading to the waters.  I call this inspirational palette Varanasi.Read More →