Red ceramic network by Lee Yun Hee

Lee Yun Hee is a very popular Korean ceramic artist. Her ceramic works consists of layers of variously sized unitsRead More →

Merge Series Okim Studios

The scenery of Tongdosa, a Buddhist monastery in yang-san, gyeongsangnam-do, and its basic, serene surroundings inspired Okkim studio for the merge series. Artificial stone stacks known as makdoltap can be found on the approach to Korean temples, with each piece carrying a wish or prayer for good fortune. The merge series is similar to the makdoltap. The many tables may be stacked or separated. Each element is engraved with the designer’s desire for happiness and good luck.Read More →

Korean Design Institute

Korea Institute of Design Promotion (KIDP) was originally entitled the Korea Design Packaging Centre. KIDP’s underlying aims were to stimulate Korea’s export trade by promoting better design standards in Korean products and improving the quality of design in daily life.Read More →