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The colour red is the colour that attracts attention, excites curiosity and arouses action. ย Representing passion and power. TELL ME MORERead More →

Margaret Cook

โ€œThoughts, silent thoughts, of Time and Space and Deathโ€ฆโ€ When thirty-six-year-old Walt Whitman self-published Leaves of Grass in the summer of 1855, having poured the whole of his being into this unusual and daring labor of love, it fell upon unreceptive and downright hostile ears โ€” a rejection that devastated the young poet.Read More →

A photograph of Toby Judge. Head of security for Bailey Street Design.

Originally posted in 2014 I first thought of the benefits of a studio dog when I visited The Distillery inRead More →

Erotic Mehndi model sitting on bed

Erotic henna is a new form of art that celebrates the feminine body, highlighting the natural beauty of women, usually done around the chest, belly, legs and back, it became popular when the work of the Russian henna artist Mary GinkasRead More →