On the occasion of Philippe Apeloig’s lecture “Abstract or not” at Mudam Luxembourg, Design Friends published a 24-pages catalogue in French and English. The interview was conducted by Arthur Dreyfus.Read More →

Ali Sahba is a freelance designer from Hamburg whose love for working on colourful and fun projects shines through in his photographic series, Brutal London. Maintaining a minimalist aesthetic, Sahba unearths the stark lines and geometry of Brutalist architecture around London. He presents each image in subdued tones, setting them againstRead More →

Creative Brochure Design Ideas: Brochures are an integral part of any business. Brochure designs have to be crisp and bold to the viewer because it just takes a flick of a moment to catch the eyes of a potential customer. To live up to the digital demands of today’s world,Read More →


There is no secret recipe for creating the perfect portfolio. You’re in full control and can decide which designs you include, what you say about those designs, and how often you update your portfolio. This level of freedom can certainly be exciting, but also a little daunting. Source: 4 illustrationRead More →

The rules of cover design have undoubtedly radically changed in recent years. So much so, that it seems there are no longer any rules at all. Once upon a time, a cover had to have three definitive elements to succeed on the newsstands: a memorable masthead, clever cover-lines, and directRead More →

Beautiful editorial design for Mohawk Maker Quarterly No. 15 by Hybrid Design in San Francisco. Materials are an emotional filter, informing how we should feel about what we touch and see. The fifteenth issue of the Mohawk Maker Quarterly focuses on the object qualities that materials make possible. Source: MohawkRead More →


A passport-like program magazine for the 2018 edition of the holiday fair and festivities in the village of Socovos. See also the posts about the La imagen del tiempo and the magazine from 2014 for more publications about Socovos by Rubio & del Amo .Read More →

What will Apple announce at September event Source: Celebrate 50 years of Time Out with a selection of their most classic coversRead More →

Avant Garde magazine digital archive Around 2013, Mindy Seu was in San Francisco, browsing through Adobe Books in the Mission District, when she stumbled upon the iconic fifth volume of Avant Garde magazine , the short-lived 1960s publication by Ralph Ginzburg and Herb Lubalin that to this day retains somethingRead More →

Profiling New York Times Magazine design director Gail Bichler, ‘yields breathtaking results from its use of typography, photography and a dizzying stream of innovations,’ Eye 96 also features ‘Anatomy of a magazine’, illustrated by Jason Ford, eight writers examine some of the key elements that make a magazine a magazineRead More →

When not publishing its brilliant magazine Mould Map, Landfill Editions are equally brilliant book publishers, working with illustration, graphic design and everything in between. With a stack of new titles for you to peruse, we caught up with the publishing house to see what has recently come back from theRead More →

For Shaz Madani, art director of Riposte Magazine, “it’s definitely the case of judge a magazine by its cover”. A cover should mark what a magazine believes in and Riposte , with their signature text and iconic portraits of women, adhere to this ideal. Source: “A cover should mark whatRead More →

Pica magazine. From L-R: Issue 8, issue 9, issue 6. Once a year at The University of Quebec in Montreal (UQAM), a team of five design students sits down to select those that’ll replace them. They choose carefully from a stack of portfolios filled with sharp graphic works and eagerRead More →

Photographer Brian Finke turns his lens on music video models

Seemingly nothing escapes the eagle eye of documentary photographer Brian Finke, whose most recent commissions found him photographing a diverse mix of people and happenings, including the Ms Senior America pageant for _Good Housekeeping_, poolside loungers for the Standard hotel group and pasta makers for _Saveur_.

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Autodidact: a self-taught person.

Autodidact: a self-taught person. Autodidact is a new biannual magazine that invites creatives from across the globe to share stories about a common theme. Issue one explores duality: “The idea that everything in the world consists of two, often contradicting qualities.” Read More →

Contributed by Peiran Tan Source: http://enso.readymag.com License: All Rights Reserved . Enso Magazine’s homepage has already been covered in this entry . Source: http://enso.readymag.com License: All Rights Reserved . Source: http://enso.readymag.com License: All Rights Reserved . Source: Enso Magazine: Architects’ Own HousesRead More →

For Designers: The Essential Guide To Combining Typefaces

Heads up designers, New York-based creative Tim Brown , who is also the Head of Typography for Adobe Typekit and Adobe Type , has just made his book A Pocket Guide to Combining Typefaces available for free on the Adobe Typekit Blog . Source: For Designers: The Essential Guide ToRead More →

It wasn’t that long ago that men’s magazines had covers like this. It takes some mental effort to imagine an elephant as a “killer brute” attacking a scantily clad woman. The illustrator who painted that cover was named Clarence “Boo” Doore (1913-1988). Source: Clarence Doore, pulp artistRead More →

Another batch of sculptures by New York City-based artist Inna Babaeva (click here for previous post). Check out more “Deviant Objects” below! Source: “Deviant Objects” by Inna BabaevaRead More →