West Side Story Movie Poster

Saul Bass Born May 8, 1920Known for Graphic Design, title designer, film directorAwards Academy Award, Best Documentary When the Frank Sinatra film on drug addiction “The Man With The Golden Arm” opened, a Saul Bass poster dominated the cinema billboards. No words, only artwork- a jagged arm.  Saul Bass produced designsRead More →

Peter Mauney photographs capture light streaks that blaze across the night sky

Pete Mauney has been interested in observing the dizzying patterns of planes at night since high school. As a teenager the photographer would watch aeroplanes have they circled Manhattan, imagining their trajectories and how they might intersect. Source: Time-Lapse Photographs Capture Swarms of Airplane Lights as They Streak Across theRead More →

Awesome Motion Design Titles for Playgrounds Sessions abduzeedo Jun 06, 2018 Peter van de Riet shared a beautiful motion design project for Playgrounds Sessions. They created this playful title animation of negative space building blocks that constructs the typographic composition. Source: Awesome Motion Design Titles for Playgrounds SessionsRead More →