Peter Mauney photographs capture light streaks that blaze across the night sky

Pete Mauney has been interested in observing the dizzying patterns of planes at night since high school. As a teenager the photographer would watch aeroplanes have they circled Manhattan, imagining their trajectories and how they might intersect.Read More →

ย He was a proponent of the Russian constructivist art movement. The term ” constructivism” came about because the artists claimed they riveted the images together as engineers, not artists. ย In the early years of the Russian
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Tubular Furniture - Featured Image

Tubular Furniture – Eindhoven-based designer Lucas Muรฑoz has combined industrial steel ventilation pipes to create this chair. Read More >Read More →

An image of a pencil.

I am feeling nostalgic for the humble pencil.ย  There is a comfort and warm familiarity whenever I pick one up (rarely these days).ย  Pencils are inexpensive, portable, simple to operate and the marks that they make are easy to erase.ย  Unlike other writing tools, they do not run out of ink or skip.Read More →