La Biche au Bois by Jules Cheret

Jules Cheret was a French painter and lithographer who became a master of Belle Époque poster art. He has been called the father of the modern poster.Read More →

John Rodriquez Wall Hanging

John Rodriquez became well known for his textile designs in the early 1950’s. He introduced a unique Australian Style. His abstract textile designs included everyday household items tea towels and curtains. The materials were sunburnt Australian shades, “deep and muted, sometimes almost three dimensional”. Greys, yellows and greens were theRead More →

Paper Crane

In 2015, paper artist Cristian Marianciuc set an ambitious goal for himself: to complete 1,000 origami cranes in 1,000 days. Since achieving this objective, Marianciuc has continued crafting the cranes, culminating in a growing collection of equally elaborate and increasingly experimental paper sculptures.Read More →

Quality Certificates

If you’re a designer who need of assistance to showcase your certificate design, we’re glad to share with you some of great and free mockups in this post.Read More →

In 2015, paper artist Cristian Marianciuc started a 1,000-day objective to make a new paper crane each day. The extravagant designs included layers of multicolor paper , precise cuts to mimic feathers, and frequently gilded elements added onto the wings. Source: An Artist Creates Paper Cranes Out Of Delicate CutsRead More →

Paper takes on a life of its own under the competent and crafty hands of Julianna Szabo, a Hungarian illustrator/maker/designer based in the UK. With Citing nature and different cultures as her main source of inspiration for her art, she transforms paper into 3D animals, architecture, products, set designs andRead More →

2019 is officially upon us and it’s bringing a whole new slew of home decor trends with it. According to our friends at Etsy, the ultra-minimalist look is on its way out and maximalist decor items —a.k.a. clashing patterns, bright colours, and bold prints—will be taking over our homes instead.Read More →

There are a few things that can improve the quality of your outdoor areas like a deck can. It is the most versatile addition that you can update your backyard, courtyard, porch or garden with. I mean, there are just so many things that you can do with a deck,Read More →


2018 is coming to an end, and Indian artists Nayan Shrimali and Vaishali Chudasama have spent their entire year creating a miniature paper bird every day for their ‘365 Days of Miniature’ art project. “Each bird is made by cutting it in different layers on paper and then painted withRead More →

Cristian Marianciuc is a paper artist who started an ambitious 100-days project back in 2015: to fold and decorate 1 origami crane every single day as part of a visual diary. After the initial 100 days went by, he made another ambitious decision, and that was to continue his projectRead More →

Japanese paper engineer Haruki Nakamura ( previously ) continues to design delightful toys using simple materials. A friendly armadillo curl into a self-protective ball at the touch of a finger and a sleepy boy emerges, ready to sleepwalk, in “Astral Projection.” Nakamura uses rubber bands and carefully held points ofRead More →

We are Carolina and Juan, a couple from Buenos Aires. We like to draw and make things with paper, specially if it involves nature.” Estudio Guardabosques: website / instagram Source: Paper birds, paper art by Estudio GuardabosquesRead More →

Paper cutout fonts

The paper cut-out effect is one of the latest graphic design trends in 2018. It looks especially good when applied to typography and used for display fonts. So in this post, I decided to share with you 20 Quirky Paper Cut-Out Fonts both free and premium!Read More →

Dutch artist Veerle Coppoolse examines the life cycle of a butterfly in a handcrafted zoetrope built from finely cut paper. The analogue animation brings the metamorphosis of the extraordinary insect to life, presenting its transformation from cocoon-wrapped caterpillar to a butterfly in flight. Source: Cut Paper Zoetrope Reveals the LifeRead More →

Not sure since when the paper cutting just becomes more and more intricate. These artists just keep impress us with unbelievable skill and incredible detailed cutting work. Just like works presented below, these were created by Japanese cut paper artist Riki Fukuda with only cutting mat, blade and paper. Source:Read More →

american artist warren king, through his series of cardboard sculptures, examines his own attempts to understand and reconstruct cultural connections that were lost and rediscovered. several years ago, king travelled to china for the first time, to the village where his grandparents and generations before them had lived. during thisRead More →

The children had a really nice idea to make a series of fish and a fishing rod as a fun little present for their little brother Téo for his 3rd birthday. We painted few cardboard sheets with a white primer before drawing the fish with chalk and pencils. Source: PaperRead More →

via Michael Velliquette American artist Michael Velliquette has produced his latest series of paper-based artwork, creating intricate paper models of sacred architecture. His hand-cut paper shapes are assembled into complex forms “akin to sacred architecture and three-dimensional mandalas.” Prioritizing formal symmetry, balance, and order, the models aim to evoke “aRead More →

UK-based paper artist Lisa Lloyd creates dazzling birds , floral arrangements, and feasts from multicolored layers of precisely cut paper. Her three-dimensional functions are most often motivated by naturally occurring colors and patterns , which can be evident in the geometric shapes and layered textures found in her works’ feathers,Read More →