There is no shame in admitting that we all have relied on an occasional cup of coffee on those days where we overexert ourselves or where we had to rush for a school project or work deadline or study for that exam. All of that information and all of thoseRead More →

Wellness Programs continue to be on as we role into the last quarter for 2018. Companies continue to attract and retain top talent. The best way to do so? Add in a Wellness Program to encourage a healthy workplace. Properly designed health promotion programs can positively impact an employer’s bottomRead More →

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Are you spending lots of time juggling meetings, project deadlines, and the like? If yes, then eventually you’ll begin to feel that your working life is not supposed to be like that. This can be true for both teams and enterprising freelancers. Source: 8 Popular Productivity Apps For Designers inRead More →

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Workplaces are supposed to be productive. Being productive is not a straightforward concept. In simplest terms, being productive is defined as the rate of output per input unit. However, in a workplace, this cannot be so accurately measured particularly when it comes to human performance. Source: How Do We Design WorkplacesRead More →

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I love to do a little bit of reflection at year’s end, but I don’t make it complicated. Around my house, we’ve been using the same two questions for years to help us take stock of the year gone by. They are: What worked for me last year? Source: WhatRead More →

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One of your first tasks as a creative is to find your primary medium — your means of expression. This is composed of the raw materials and artistic forms you use in your work. If you’re a novelist, journalist, poet, or screenwriter, your medium is the written word. Source: FindRead More →

Attaining the highest level of productivity is the utmost goal of any company regardless of the industry it is associated with. A lot goes into bringing the most out of the staff employed within the organization and this is exactly where Quality management systems come into the picture. Source: 4Read More →

“When you say yes to others, make sure you are not saying no to yourself.” ~Paulo Coelho There it is again. Another person asks me for help. There’s a sharp pull inside of me to stop what I am doing and give. And the internal struggle comes up. Source: TheRead More →

Implement these four productivity hacks and you’ll be well on your way to getting more done in even less time with your side hustle. Do you ever wish there were just one or two more hours in a day? I know I’ve had moments when it felt like there’d never be enough time to manage allRead More →

“You can have your experience without your experience having you.” ~Linda Pransky You’re no doubt aware that your moods can fluctuate from day to day, even moment to moment. I think most people can appreciate, when they really consider it, that their state of mind is a big variable inRead More →

(Ok, there may be some chocolate and Netflix, but only if they are right for you, and no unconscious choices and definitely no added guilt) You know those days when you just can’t even? When adulting or even getting breakfast feels a million miles away? Source: Dealing with a BadRead More →

Having a mental illness is a huge challenge that too often comes with the added burden of negative stereotyping, judgement, stigma and the belief that you’re abnormal. Our society is so focused on success and what this looks like, it has no tolerance for suffering and anything that doesn’t fitRead More →

A home should be much more than just a place to live. It’s your sanctuary and your nest. Your haven to retreat to after a hard day’s work and spend private time with your nearest and dearest. Interior designers know how important it is to live in an environment whereRead More →

A few months back, an article in HBR proclaimed the power of questions . It’s not a bad article, and it mentions lots of sensible things: more questions are better than fewer; some questions are better than others; open questions are effective, but there’s also a place for closed questions;Read More →

Why does talent matter? Because, according to a new book from Harvard Business Review, Talent Wins: The New Playbook for Putting People First, the one safe bet to make in the crazy game of business forecasting is that talent-first companies are the future of work. Source: Talent Wins: Eight KeyRead More →

Dispensing with frivolous email is the fastest way to boost productivity. August 10, 2018 4 min read Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. As a professional speaker and trainer, I meet new clients almost every week. Source: Slogging Through Email Is Probably Why You’re Worried About Your ProductivityRead More →

Most of us look for productive ways to better and improve ourselves. You, like most people, can stand to be more productive. If you do not enjoy doing something, you will be less likely to stick with it. Therefore, you need to combine fun and productivity if you want toRead More →

We are all pressed for time. All. The. Time. We feel starved for it. That’s why there are countless articles with hacks for saving 30 minutes (and sometimes 30 seconds) on all sorts of tasks every single day. We yearn for more time. Source: Feel Like Time Is Tight andRead More →

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Starting a business is hard, and it takes a ton of work. But if you manage your time well and make every hour count, it’s possible to find success. In order to do that, you need to develop good habits and strategies that can maximize your productivity. Source: 6 GreatRead More →

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Any business wouldn’t succeed unless productivity is factored in; startups, in particular, need to be more productive in order to get a head start. Entrepreneurs working through today’s frenzied professional environment are highly prone to stress , which is one of the biggest nemeses of productivity. Source: 5 Self-Care TipsRead More →