Summary: Researchers shed light on the dual nature of dopamine, as a neurotransmitter that makes us seek pleasure and also reinforces avoidance of pain. Source: UC Berkeley. For decades, psychologists have viewed the neurotransmitter dopamine as a double-edged sword: released in the brain as a reward to train us toRead More →

Too many resolutions are hard work and, let’s face it, you’re never going to stick to them if there’s too much effort involved. So says happiness doctor Andy Cope, who has spent 10 years researching positive psychology and delivers courses, centring on themes of happiness, in businesses and schools acrossRead More →

Psychology is a science founded in human motivation and behaviour and is essentially all about what makes people tick. As a marketer, if you can understand what drives somebody and why someone may behave a certain way, the better you’ll be able to understand them, work with them, and ultimatelyRead More →

Who knew that “Gaslight,” a black-and-white movie made during World War II, would prove to be such a significant word in the self-help literature of 2018? In the 1944 film, a newly married young woman begins to doubt her own sanity as her husband systematically denies the reality of her perceptions.Read More →

Good old botulism. An anaerobic bacteria, Clostridium botulinum, that lives all over but flourishes in low oxygen environments such as improperly canned foods, produces 7 different types of deadly nerve toxin*, most of which can kill you in microscopic amounts. Source: Turn That Frown Upside DownRead More →

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The concept of well-being has many facets, yet themes weave through all stages of development and point to critical aspects of how and with whom we spend time. Money can’t buy love, but up to a certain level it is crucial to well-being. Source: Common Threads of Well-Being: 5 IdeasRead More →

My Apple Watch occasionally, and unexpectedly, prompts me to stop and breathe (does it not like the pulse that it is measuring?). Noticing whether you are holding your breath or breathing can be very useful (The title of one my web lectures is “ Are you holding your breath? Source:Read More →

Self-criticism is at the heart of so many mental health issues. When you’re constantly feeding yourself negative messages, it can be hard to find the energy you need to get through the day or to challenge yourself in meaningful ways. Source: How to Make the Most of Constructive Self-CriticismRead More →

Consensual Hugs Seem To Reduce Stress People who had a conflict in a given day but also got hugged were not as affected by the negative interaction as were their unhugged counterparts. When a friend comes to you after a stressful day, how do you comfort them? Source: Consensual HugsRead More →

“Whenever my husband feels he isn’t being catered to, he would make everything difficult, while saying there’s nothing’s wrong.” ― Anonymous “My colleague’s favourite tactic when she doesn’t get her way is to take twice as long to get anything done.” ― Anonymous “My partner deals with our relationship issuesRead More →

Dr Seuss had many a great insight into the nature of being human. If you want a poignant set of insights into the evolutionary function of religion, you need to look no further than How the Grinch Stole Christmas. Source: What the Grinch Can Tell Us About Evolutionary PsychologyRead More →

Thanksgiving is around the corner. I don’t know about you, but on that day I plan to put on my  Joey Tribbiani ’s Thanksgiving pants and get ready to eat too much turkey, stuffing, gravy, and mashed potatoes. More importantly, the holiday is a time to count our blessings and give thanks—evenRead More →

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The mission for Dr Edward de Bono has to focus on thinking “as a learnable skill, like cooking or skiing.”  Along the way, he has coined the phrase “lateral thinking.” This is an intuitive, unorthodox and mental activity he contrasts with “vertical thinking”, the logical step-by-step, problem-solving style familiar to the Western Cultural tradition.Read More →

Take a mindfulness break Mindfulness practise and meditation is an integral aspect of my working day. It has allowed me to take a softer and gentle approach to the way I design. As I create more space in my mind it changes the way I see. The following ‘curated content’Read More →