These pictures by Christian Theile will certainly change your mind if you ever thought staircases were boring. While working in the field of neurobiology, Theile was drawn to the world of photography, landscapes and macro photography. But in his staircase photos, his passion (and talent) for capturing architecture is obvious: taken from above and below, his carefully composed pictures of swirls, lines and curves make us admire the elegance of something so ordinary. Since staircases are often concealed, each position has to be researched and the required permits sought. Read More →

  These dimmable outdoor lights were designed by the architect Dominique Perrault and the designer Gaëlle Lauriot-Prévost, a beautiful interpretation of the traditional tube light of Samode. Adjustable via your smartphone, the luminaires called Gude and Kyhn are available for indoor and outdoor use and fit perfectly in a contractRead More →

A staircase featuring a mirrored balustrade now leads up through this home in Montreal , renovated by local architect Jean-Maxime Labrecque. Called Playful Tudor, the project involved the transformation of a residence in the Canadian city, which was originally completed in a style that references the historical Tudor period fromRead More →

Stairs are often neglected when it comes to interior design. They do often get decorated in simple ways during the holidays, but mostly they are just another thing in your home with no special attention given. Think of how often you use the stairs, and how much a prominent anRead More →

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Like Architecture & Interior Design? Follow Us… Custom open-wall staircases are fast becoming a favorite feature of ultramodern interiors, the sharp engineering and artful construction bringing beauty to an otherwise utilitarian feature of the home. Source: 25 Unique Staircase Designs To Take Center Stage In Your HomeRead More →

Save “What is a staircase, but a corridor improved by elevation?” – Catherine Gilbert Murdock, Princess Ben Hello there! My relationship with staircases is double-edged. I have broken various body parts falling down on them and therefore usually approach them with distrust. Source: 17 beautiful and inspiring staircases with smartRead More →

All you need to know about interior staircases: Whether you’re making repairs or replacing or repositioning stairs, follow these tips from the professionals 1. Repairing or renovating It’s rare for the structural part of a staircase – the treads and framework – to need replacing. Source: Interior staircase design ideas:Read More →

Whether you favour a modern open staircase to or a grand spiral staircase , we’ve dug in to the House & Garden archives to find some extremely stylish examples. From witty staircase paint ideas (great if you can’t afford a total architectural do-over) to barely-there steps floating on cantilevered glassRead More →

These minimalist outdoor spiral staircase constructions were uses as the direct link for us to reach our inside home quickly. Here, the simple thin design of the staircase can be seen not only from the side line of the staircase but also from the step up holder of this homeRead More →

Time Machine, a photographic exploration of Bauhaus and Art Deco stairwells in Budapest, Hungary captured by Balint Alovits. Balint Alovits is a freelance Fine Art and Commercial photographer who lives and works in Budapest, Hungary. Source: Bauhaus and Art Deco Stairwells Shot by Balint AlovitsRead More →