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Keith Haring Icons

Keith Haring was best known for his graffiti-like painting, initially on the black paper used to cover discontinued billboard advertisements in the New York subway. After after a feverish 1980’s style career of surging popular success and grudging critical attention, Haring died of AIDS in 1991 at the age of 31.Read More →

Fabio Lopez aka DOURONE was born in Madrid and raised in the countryside. Travelling extensively around the globe heโ€™s a creative artist who loves to paint and be inspired by all the places heโ€™s been to and by the people heโ€™s met along the way.Read More →

Their work lights up the grey streets of Montevideo. Their focus lies often on women, as proven by their huge piece for The Crystal Ship. Two confident women; one representing the sea, and the other the storm. A reference to the fishing industry and to Ostend itself. Pay particular attention to their great eye for detail and the refined techniques.Read More →

International artist MOMO and Australian company creative road were selected as the winning team from over 100 entries to deliver โ€˜the tower projectโ€™ for the home of the arts, the new cultural precinct on the gold coast, Australia. Sydney artists Georgia Hill and Elliott Routledge collaborated with MOMO to install the large-scale mural during the latter two weeks of January 2018Read More →

demonstrated this best in Los Angeles, where he depicted a black woman donning a traditional Korean hanbok. โ€œIt was to show that black beauty and hanbok can come together to create something even more beautiful,โ€ he explained in an Instagram post. โ€œRead More →

The self-taught artist known simply as Sage creates surreal portraits that replace human heads with flowers and clouds of rainbow hues.Read More →

Mantra French Street Artist

Working with entomologists around the globe, the French street artist known as Mantra (previously) transforms brick facades and concrete walls into massive studies of local butterfly specimens. With framed outer edges that mimic a wooden box,ย Read More →