The evolution of the wristwatch had its roots in the First World War.ย  World War I was a seminal moment when the wristwatch became a strategic military tool and a fashion accessory.ย  ย Wristwatches were worn only by women before the twentieth century โ€” and more for fashion than anything as practical as timekeeping.

The following posts illustrate the balance between functionality and design.ย  Enjoy!

Alpine Eagle XL Chrono

The Alpine Eagle collection of sporty-chic timepieces stretches its wings, embracing a flyback chronograph in a new 44 mm diameter case for the first time. The Alpine Eagle XL Chrono clock with the integrated bracelet is inspired by the might of the eagle and the beauty of the Alps, as is the complete series.Read More →

Swatch featured image

Swatch has revolutionised the watch industry over the previous fourย decades. The Swatch became the fashion item of the 1980s thanks to its combination of Swiss technology, design, and low price. It is the first watch that has become a classic look, with a black plastic band and a basic watch face.Read More →

Long experience meets vast expertise. Longines has created outstanding timepieces as a traditional watchmaker since its inception. Today, the LonginesRead More →

tissot heritage watch

For 2021, Swiss Tissot is re-releasing an interesting neo-Bauhaus watch it originally debuted in the late 1980s as conceived by the creator of one of the most interesting design schools of modern times: Ettore Sottsass.Read More →