Picasso Design Influence

Pablo Picasso’s modern art has a profound influence on the design world such as furniture, textiles, and industrial design. His tendencies to challenge norms, emphasis on geometry, multifaceted output, emotional complexity, and timeless quality provide rich inspiration for designers, promoting creativity and an unconventional approach.Read More →

St Catherine Mt Sinai

Embark on a transformative journey as we recount our unforgettable trip to St. Catherine atop Mt. Sinai. From a humbling camel ride to a soul-stirring climb, the adventure culminates in a stunning sunset that colors the sky—and our consciousness—with hues of orange, magenta, and blue. Experience spirituality, nature, and a sense of divine wonder in this once-in-a-lifetime expedition. Read more to discover how a simple trip turned into a profound, life-altering experience.Read More →

Roman Ruins Palmyra, Syria

Visit to Palmyra 2005: Explore a my transformative journey to Palmyra, Syria, and how it offered unique architectural insights before its loss in the Syrian Civil War.Read More →