Adorning Fashion Cover Art

Costume jewellery, originating in mid-1700s France, is an affordable yet elegant art form that has evolved over the centuries. It features a comprehensive examination of Victorian, Edwardian, Arts & Crafts, Jugendstil, Art Nouveau, and twentieth-century styles, as well as production procedures. The book features artists like Kokichi Mikimoto, Arthur L. Liberty, Carlo Giuliano, René Lalique, Elizabeth Bonté, and the Castellani brothers.Read More →

Chaumet Jewellery Boutique

Chaumet, a French retail jeweller in Paris, offers unique and exquisite designs for men and women. With a wide range of jewelry, including necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings, Chaumet focuses on precision and care, using only the finest materials. The store also offers customization services and luxury watches from prestigious brands. The family-owned business continues to thrive today.Read More →