AGA, Cooker, Ireland - August 2014

Discover the enduring charm of the Aga stove in this brief history. From Sweden to sleek modernity, explore its timeless style, efficiency, and future innovations. A symbol of quality that’s more than just a cooking device.Read More →

Brookstone Automatic Wine Opener

With its blend of modernity and functionality, the Brookstone Automatic Wine Opener is truly a game-changer in the realm of wine accessories. It ensures that the focus remains on enjoying the wine, not on the ordeal of opening it.Read More →

CO1369 Toothpick Holder by Andrea Branzi

The Alessi Toothpick Holder, designed by the renowned Italian architect and designer Andrea Branzi, is a masterful blend of functional design and artful craftsmanship. The holder is designed to be a functional piece at its core, effortlessly dispensing toothpicks when required. However, it is the artistic nuances that elevate it beyond mere utility.Read More →

Wurlitzer Most Successful Jukebox Design

Jukebox Designs by Wurlitzer were celebrated for the iconic designs adopting “bubble tubes”, coloured filters and plastics. READ MORERead More →

Child Playing with Trucks

As a parent, you want your child to have the best opportunity of succeeding. Educational toys can be beneficial to children in their early stages of development. Let’s talk about what makes an instructional toy before we go into the benefits of educational toys.Read More →

Hermann Obrist Grave

Hermann Obrist was a Swiss sculptor and designer. He was most active in Germany. A leading figure in the evolution of Jugendstil in Munich, Obrist was inspired by the Arts and Crafts Movement, which he had experienced when he visited Britain in 1897.Read More →


Explore the rich history and usage of the airbrush in industrial design, tracing its impact from pioneers like Raymond Loewy to contemporary practices. Learn how the airbrush, with its ability to deliver precisely controlled sprays of paint or ink, revolutionized automobile styling and product design, providing a tangible, realistic representation of ideas. Despite the advent of digital technology, discover how the airbrush continues to play a vital role in the field, offering a unique, tactile approach to design.Read More →

Retro Table Clock Auto Flip Clock 12 Hours AM/PM Format Display

Don’t miss out on the Retro Table Clock Auto Flip Clock, inspired by Italian designer Gino Valle. Upgrade your desk or shelf with this stylish and practical timepiece. Its easy-to-read display, two time modes, and mesmerizing auto flip feature make it a must-have for any space. Whether it’s for your home, office, or as a gift, click now to add a touch of retro charm to your surroundings and never lose track of time again!Read More →

Gino Valle featured image

Gino Valle (1923 – 2003) was. Italian architect, designer, and town planner. He was born in Udine. He studied at the Instituto Universitario di Architettura, Venice, to 1948. From 1951, he was at the Harvard Graduate School of Design, Cambridge, Massachusetts.Read More →

Praktika Tableware

Praktika Tableware (1933) designed by Wilhelm Käge. White earthenware stacking dishes, oval with rounded sides.Read More →

The Moka Express

Designed and Made in Italy

The Moka Express is a straightforward stovetop coffee maker. It unscrews in the centre, and water is poured into the bottom compartment.

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Alessi Kettle featured image

A beautiful little bird adorns the spout of this kettle and whistles when contents boilRead More →

A & E Design a Swedish design consultancy was founded in Stockholm by Tom Ahlström and Hans Ehrich (1942–). They worked in Italy earlier in the 1960s. The company has gained a reputation for functional, durable and ergonomically sound everyday products.Read More →

Marilena Boccato

Marilena Boccato is a designer from Italy who worked in Treviso and Padua. In 1967, Boccato began her professional career. She collaborated with Gian Nicola Gigante and Antonio Zambusi.Read More →

Mercedes Benz Sedan

Mercedes-Benz has established itself as a benchmark for excellence in automotive design. The brand’s vehicles are renowned for their aesthetic appeal, innovative design language, and meticulous attention to detail. From the sleek exteriors to the luxurious interiors, Mercedes-Benz consistently delivers vehicles that embody elegance, sophistication, and functionality. With a focus on technological integration and a commitment to future-oriented design, Mercedes-Benz continues to push the boundaries of automotive excellence. As a result, the brand’s consistent pursuit of design perfection has solidified its position as a leader in the automotive industry.Read More →

Jochen Mass demonstrating a 1934 Mercedes-Benz W25 at the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

The 1934 Mercedes Silver Arrow, a pioneering race car designed by Mercedes-Benz, captivated the automotive world with its sleek design and innovative engineering. With its aerodynamic body, powerful engine, and impressive victories on the racetrack, the Silver Arrow left an enduring influence on the industry. It stands as a symbol of automotive excellence, showcasing Mercedes-Benz’s commitment to pushing boundaries and creating timeless masterpieces.Read More →

Alessi Kettle featured image

The Alessi kettle, designed by Michael Graves in 1985, is a renowned and iconic product in industrial design. This stainless steel kettle features a sculptural shape, a bird-shaped whistle, and a handle and knob resembling a bird’s head. It combines playful aesthetics with practicality, boasting a 2-liter capacity and an ergonomic handle for easy pouring. The kettle has received numerous design awards and is celebrated as a symbol of contemporary design.

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Philo turntable featured image

Philco was founded in Philadelphia in 1892. In 1929, using assembly-line techniques, the firm produced the first truly low-priced radios. The firm became a leading manufacturer of audio products, adding domestic stoves, refrigerators, air conditioners, and other appliances to its line. In the 1950s, it produced a series of television set housings in historicist cabinets with technologically advanced features and large screens.Read More →

Kikkoman Soy Sauce Bottle designed by Kenji Ekuan

Kenji Ekuan, born in 1929, was a pioneer in Japanese industrial design, blending tradition and modernity in various products. Kenji Ekuan, president of Japan Industrial Designers Association, ICSID, and ICSID, influenced design with philosophical approach, blending tradition and modernity.Read More →

Parker 51 featured image

This sleek, aerodynamic design with its recognisable hooded nib was the result of a research programme finished in 1939, and it was promoted as “a pen from another planet” and “ten years ahead of its time.” It was released to mark the Parker Company’s 51st anniversary in the United States and quickly rose to the top of the company’s best-selling models list (nearly 120 million units sold).Read More →