Tehuana traditional Dress exhibition Museo Frida Kahlo

Mexican painter Frida Kahlo’s choice to wear the Tehuana dress, a traditional attire from the Tehuantepec Isthmus, served as a multifaceted symbol. This garment encapsulated her cultural heritage, political ideology, individuality, femininity, and a means to signal her presence in the male-dominated art world.Read More →

Colour Blocking and Interior Design

Colour blocking, a practice rooted in early 20th-century modernist art, involves using contrasting or complementary colours to create dynamic visual effects. It’s heavily applied in fashion and interior design, offering a fresh approach to personal style and vibrant spaces. Despite differing opinions on its origins and future, colour blocking remains a transformative and timeless element in aesthetics and visual design.Read More →

Tehuana traditional Dress exhibition Museo Frida Kahlo

Frida Kahlo’s adoption of the Tehuana dress, traditional Mexican attire, was more than a fashion choice; it reflected her cultural roots, political views, and personal aspirations. This dress served as a symbol of female strength and independence, and aided in distinguishing Kahlo as an autonomous artist in a male-dominated sphere.Read More →

Rolex Oyster Perpetual

The Rolex Oyster Perpetual, introduced in 1926, is a hallmark of design innovation in horology. Its technological advancements, high-quality material usage, and enduring appeal make it more than a luxury item- it’s a true marvel in decorative and applied arts.Read More →

Model wearing flat cap

Discover the timeless elegance of flat caps in design. Explore their historical evolution, materials, patterns, and iconic appearances in movies. Embrace classic style with a modern twist.Read More →

From white on white, a triple pleated trouser with lightweight jacket of rayon and nylon twill.

Discover the evolution of men’s fashion in the early 1990s as we delve into trends that prioritized comfort and style. From the rise of breathable fabrics like linen and cotton to the trend of oversized sportswear, the ’90s offered a refreshing blend of practicality and fashion. Read More →

Sandal by Salvatore Ferragamo 1938

Discover the remarkable story of Salvatore Ferragamo, the visionary shoemaker who rose from humble beginnings to become an icon in the fashion industry. This article explores Ferragamo’s early years, his ventures in the United States and Hollywood, and his innovative designs using exotic materials. From his post-war creativity to the enduring legacy of his “invisible shoe,” Ferragamo’s impact on fashion remains unmatched. Dive into the world of this legendary shoemaker and experience the artistry, elegance, and timeless allure of Ferragamo footwear.
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Paul Poiret and Models

In the early decades of the 20th century, Paul Poiret was a crucial figure in the French fashion industry, notably by adding a deep oriental flavour and rich colours to contemporary clothing. Read More →

ul Poiret Selection Met Museum

Fashion Design from 1900 to 1920 – Focus on Freedom. Newfound political independence came newfound fashion freedom. READ MORERead More →

French Art Deco Fashions

French pochoir prints from Art Deco era showcase women’s fashion designs, influenced by famous designers like Charles Worth and Jean Patou, showcasing their artistry and creativity.Read More →

French Deco Fashion

French Deco Fashion is a colouring book featuring genuine Art Deco fashion designs inspired by George Barbier’s colour plates from Gazette de bon ton. It is printed single-sided and has generous margins, making it easy to cut out pages for sharing or tracing.Read More →

The Book of Burberry featured image

Burberry is renowned for its coveted designs, which balance tradition and innovation. This book reveals the story behind the brand and includes photographs from its humble beginnings in 1856 to current designs.
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Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel, 1920

From gold buttons to comfortable tailored trousers and comfortable cardigan sweaters, there is no more significant influence on clothes than Coco Chanel.Read More →

This book presents the legendary jewellery and precious objects of Van Cleef & Arpels and how they relate to time, nature and love. Time is a fundamental element for both creativity and craftsmanship, and is interpreted through eight values inspired by Italo Calvino’s Lezioni Americane. Nature is an ever-present source of inspiration and tribute, and each object is handcrafted with love.Read More →

Jean-Paul Gaultier French Fashion Designer

Before launching his label in 1976, Gaultier worked for Cardin, Jacques Esteirel, and Patou. From the onset, Gaultier was dubbed the ‘enfant terrible de Paris’.Read More →

Cecil Beaton (in civilian suit) and his Rolleiflex reflected in a mirror of the Jain temple, Calcutta, India.

The house he occupied until 1945 at Ashcombe, Wiltshire, near friend Edith Olivier was decorated with limited funds using exaggerated baroque furniture. The walls of the ‘Circus Bedroom’ were painted by visiting artist friends, including Rex Whistler and Oliver Messel, in a kind of Surrealistic overstatement.Read More →

London Fashion Week - Audience taking pictures

London Fashion Week began with an ending to Vivienne Westwood’s legacy, with a memorial service attended by fashionable dignitaries. READ MORERead More →

Models walks the runway during the Krizia show as a part of Milan Fashion Week , 2014

Krizia is an Italian fashion design company based in Milan. Their clothes often have fruit-themed prints on them to give them a fantasy feel. The company was started in 1954 by its designer, Mariucca Mandelli, and her husband Aldo Pinto.Read More →

Princess Catherine Doll with packaging

The Princess Catherine Doll has been dressed and accessorised by seven British fashion and design leaders. Kate’s engagement ring is made from sterling silver, plated with rose gold, and it is set with 24 brilliant-hardened diamonds. Catherine Middleton loves the Eaton Clutch Bag, and she has been seen with it many times. It is made by the up-and-coming British luxury goods brand Aspinal of London. The Princess Catherine Doll high-heeled slingback shoes are typical of Beatrix Ong’s style.Read More →

Jaeger Clothing Fashion

During the twentieth century, a movement arose that advocated for clothing to be worn as part of a sensible, healthy lifestyle rather than only for fashion. These concepts sprang from the work of nineteenth-century fashion reformers, in the same way, that English writer Edward Carpenter popularised the open-toed leather sandal for men. Read More →