Plate by Daniel Cottier 1877 (detail) Royal Scottish Museum

Daniel Cottier: Pioneering stained glass artist and entrepreneur who revolutionized the craft in the 19th century. His innovative designs, collaborations with architects, and entrepreneurial spirit laid the foundation for modern stained glass. Learn about his legacy, preservation efforts, and the ongoing appreciation of his remarkable works.Read More →

Sigmund Pollitzer featured image

Sigmund Pollitzer (1913 – 1983) was a painter, decorative glass designer, and writer from the United Kingdom. He was born in the city of London.Read More →

Rodney Kinsman featured image

OMK Design is a British design group. It was established in 1966 by Rodney Kinsman, Jerzy Olejnik, Bryan Morrison. They all trained at the London Central School of Arts and Crafts. The group produced its furniture, including its 1969 T5 chair.Read More →

Eclipse Table Lamps

Eclipse Minimalist Lighting from Lee Broom. One of four new lighting collections to be launched during Salone del Mobile (2018). Read MORERead More →

Scarf 1997 designed by Georgina Von Etzdorf

Georgina von Etzdorf is a British designer known for her exclusive prints in various media, specializing in textile, fashion, furniture, and product design. Her career took off in the 1980s, from printing designs in her parents’ garage to establishing a shop in London’s prestigious Burlington Arcade. Von Etzdorf’s training in traditional craft techniques and her individual artistic approach set her apart in the industry. Inspired by art and nature, her prints reflect a fusion of influences and a vibrant color palette. With a focus on quality over quantity, she releases a limited number of designs each year, ensuring consistently high-quality creations. Von Etzdorf’s exceptional talent has earned her recognition, even among renowned Italian designers. Her enduring success and contributions to the design world make her a true icon.Read More →

White Oak Utility Shelf by Rachael Heritage

Rachel Heritage is a British industrial designer known for her work in furniture and lighting design. Born in 1958 in London, she studied furniture design at Kingston Polytechnic and the Royal College of Art. In 1985, she co-founded Heritage Design in London with her brother Paul Heritage. Rachel has showcased her designs at exhibitions in London and has received several awards for her work, including the Ambrose Heal Award, Antocks Lair Bursary, and Concord Lighting Award. With a strong background in industrial design, Rachel Heritage has made significant contributions to the field and continues to be recognized for her talent and creativity.Read More →

Hans Coper - Pot with Handle

Explore the life and artistic contributions of Hans Coper, the British ceramicist who played a pivotal role in renewing ceramic art in England. Discover his unique style, international exhibitions, and lasting impact on the field, inspiring a new generation of ceramic artists.Read More →

Berthold Lubetkin (1901 – 1990) was a Russian-British modernist designer. He was a Russian emigre who came to London via the October Revolution of 1917. Read More →

Moorcroft Pottery featured image

William Moorcroft started Moorcroft, a British art pottery manufacturer, in Burslem, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, in 1913.Read More →

Geoffrey Harcourt featured image

Between 1960-61, he worked at Latham, Tyler and Jensen, Chicago, and with Jacob Jensen in Copenhagen; in 1961, opened his studio in London, specialising in furniture design; from 1962; began designing seating for Artifort, the Netherlands, who produced more than 20 models of his furniture designsRead More →

Screenshot project page Neville Brody

Neville Brody rose to prominence during the early 1980s surge of “designerism”: a period when the British economy was considered to be expanding, marketing, promotion, and “cultural entrepreneurship” were in the air, and young culture was a money-spinner.Read More →

Campden Toast Rack - 1956 designed by Robert Welch

Robert Radford Welch was a British product designer and silversmith known for his innovative stainless-steel designs. His career began with studies in painting and silversmithing, culminating in specialized training at the Royal College of Art. Welch established his own workshop in Chipping Campden, where he continued the tradition of the Arts and Crafts movement. Influenced by Scandinavian design, he created a diverse range of products, including flatware, enamel-steel objects, lighting, and cast-iron cookware. Welch’s work earned him numerous awards, and he showcased his designs in exhibitions worldwide. His legacy as a visionary designer continues to inspire the industry.Read More →

Penguin Donkey designed by Riss Egon for Isokon Furniture Company

Jack Pritchard was one of the most prominent designers in Britain during the 20th century, creating iconic pieces like the bentwood dining table and the Penguin Donkey that can be found in top museums around the world today. Find out more about Jack Pritchard’s life and career by reading this profile of one of Britain’s most respected designers.Read More →

British Ceramicist John Adams (1882 – 1953) was a British ceramicist and Designer. He was professionally active in London, Durban,Read More →

British Ceramics featured image

With over two thousand objects, the Mint Museum’s collection of British ceramics is one of the best and most extensive in the United States. It includes items from all major manufacturing centres, including Wedgwood, Chelsea, Worcester, and Staffordshire. Read More →

Hermes, Gertrude- StoneHenge featured image

Gertrude Anna Bertha Hermes was born in Bickley, Kent, on August 18, 1901. Louis August Hermes and Helene, nรฉe Gerdes, were from Altena, Germany, near Dortmund. She attended the Beckenham School of Art in around 1921. She then enrolled in Leon Underwood’s Brook Green School of Painting and Sculpture in 1922, where she met Eileen Agar, Raymond Coxon, Henry Moore, and Blair Hughes-Stanton, whom she later married in 1926. They divorced in 1933 after separating in 1931.Read More →

Frederick Hurten Rhead Tile featured image

Frederick Hurten Rhead was an English-born American potter and ceramic artist. He was born into a family of potters and designers. He received his English pottery training before moving to the United States in 1902. Read More →

Wedgewood created by Dream

He started by producing basic tableware, but by 1759, he had expanded to include beautiful items like classical vases and portrait busts. He was one of the first producers to hire artists to create product designs.Read More →

Aubrey Beardsley featured image

The impact of Beardsley, considered the greatest illustrator of the Art Noveau period, is due solely to his erotic imagination and marvellous control of line drawing.Read More →

Bernard Instone (1891-1987) Superb Arts & Crafts Demi Parure

British silversmith Bernard Instone, born in 1891, revolutionized jewelry design with his enameled silver work, blending traditional techniques with individual creativity. His legacy continues to inspire artisans today.Read More →