Libra lux Lamp featured image

Explore the timeless brilliance of Roberto Menghi’s Libra Lux lamp of 1948. Discover its ingenious design, adaptability, and craftsmanship in this homage to a true design masterpiece.Read More →

Sillón Calvet Antoni Gaudí1966

Trace the Sillón Calvet’s journey from its original location in Calvet House to its current residence in the Inter-American Development Bank. Uncover the reasons behind its enduring appeal and its contribution to the ongoing relevance of Catalan Modernisme.Read More →

Eclipse Table Lamps

Eclipse Minimalist Lighting from Lee Broom. One of four new lighting collections to be launched during Salone del Mobile (2018). Read MORERead More →

nortstudio sidetables

These side tables are the outcome of an acrylic resin experiment. Acrylic is a two-part substance made up of mineral powder and water-based acrylic resin.Read More →

The ChaCha by Masquespacio featured image

Because of the studio’s trademark lively aesthetic, its hospitality and retail fit-outs are the stuff of design bloggers and Instagrammers’ dreams.Read More →

Extendable cupboard by Interlubke

Discover Interlübke, a renowned German furniture manufacturer known for its craftsmanship and innovative designs. From the revolutionary ‘endless cupboard’ storage unit to the internally illuminated EO system, Interlübke continues to redefine space utilization. Collaborating with top designers, their modern furniture solutions offer versatility and functionality. With a recent acquisition by Domovari, Interlübke remains a trusted partner, committed to preserving German craftsmanship and delivering exceptional furniture. Explore Interlübke’s premium collection and experience their legacy of excellence in furniture manufacturing.Read More →

'Angaraib': An Avant-Garde Masterpiece by Danny Lane

Discover the ‘Angaraib’ chaise longue, an avant-garde masterpiece by Danny Lane. This extraordinary piece of furniture blends glass and tree branches in a visually stunning composition. Explore Lane’s unique creative process and his commitment to pushing design boundaries. ‘Angaraib’ transcends traditional notions of furniture, functioning as both a captivating art object and a comfortable seating experience. Experience the fusion of technology, artistry, and conservation in this mid-80s masterpiece that leaves a lasting impression.Read More →

Pedestal Table featured image

A pedestable table is originally the base support of a column, in classical architecture. A pedestal in furniture may have one of four definitions: Read More →

Kaare Klint KK47000 Safari Chair

Kaare Klint’s “KK47000” Safari Chair is a refined and iconic design that combines historical influences with modern sensibilities. Inspired by British campaign furniture, the chair features a simple ash wood frame, exquisite leather components, and visible joinery. Read More →

No. 22 Diamond Chair by Harry Bertoia

No. 22 Diamond Chair by Harry Bertoia. Many would argue that this is more of a sculpture than a chair. READ MORERead More →

Countryside High Back Spindle Dining Chair, Antique

Experience timeless charm and modern comfort with the Christopher Knight Home Countryside High Back Spindle Dining Chair. Influenced by the iconic design of Thonet’s Chair No. 14, this antique white chair showcases a high backrest with intricate spindle detailing. With its blend of classic elegance and contemporary appeal, it’s the perfect addition to any dining space. Discover the allure of this revival piece that pays homage to Thonet’s legendary design.Read More →

Lexicon Blue Chair - Blue

Discover the Lexicon Elle Accent Chair in Blue. This rustic-style chair combines elegance and comfort, with its cushioned back, armrests, and solid pattern. Crafted with high-quality materials, including wood, foam, and polyester upholstery, this chair offers durability and easy maintenance. Perfectly sized and designed for relaxation, it’s an ideal addition to any living room. Order your Lexicon Elle Accent Chair today and elevate your home with style and comfort.Read More →

Eliel Saarinen (1873-1950)

Gottlieb Eliel Saarinen (1873-1950), a Finnish-born architect and city planner, significantly shaped 20th-century architecture with his distinctive blend of national Romanticism and modernism. Known for his holistic approach to design, Saarinen made major contributions to both European and American architecture, including the iconic Helsinki Central Railway Station and the masterful campus plan for the University of Michigan. Saarinen’s multidisciplinary approach extended beyond architecture to the realms of furniture and textile design, demonstrating his commitment to integrated design principles. His influence on architectural theory and education, particularly during his tenure as president of the Cranbrook Academy of Art, cemented his legacy in the global architectural landscape.Read More →

Edenbrook Carlton Accent Chair

Are you searching for the perfect accent chair to bring style and comfort to your living room? Look no furtherRead More →

Matti Suuronen designed house

Known as glass-enhanced plastic (GRP) in Britain, fibre-enhanced plastic (FRP) in the USA or by the trade name fibreglass (after the manufacturer Fibreglass Ltd.), GRP has been used for a wide range of applications from car body panels and boat hulls to furniture and tennis rackets. Read More →

Dantesca Chair

The Dantesca Chair is a remarkable piece of furniture inspired by Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy. Its intricate design, featuring ornate carvings depicting scenes from the epic poem, pays homage to Dante’s imaginative journey through Hell, Purgatory, and Paradise. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the chair incorporates symbolic motifs and materials like fine woods and luxurious upholstery. Its enduring allure lies in its ability to captivate modern audiences with its timeless elegance and narrative essence. The Dantesca Chair’s influence extends to contemporary design, inspiring furniture makers to incorporate its symbolism and aesthetic into their own creations. Ultimately, this extraordinary chair stands as a testament to the intersection of artistic expression and functional design in furniture craftsmanship.Read More →

Curious History of the Writing Desk

The writing desk or bureaux originated in the early seventeenth century from old fashioned Bible boxes. They were flat boxes just large enough to hold the family Bible, which was the most treasured possession. These boxes were almost always kept upon a shelf in the living room. The boxes flat surface and conveniently high form, the owner became accustomed to stand and write their letters on the Bible boxes.Read More →

Grethe Meyer ceramics featured image

She worked on the editorial staff of The Building Manual from 1944 to 1955. She was a crucial figure in Borge Mogensen’s research on the standardisation of consumer product sizes, and she collaborated with him frequently. They created the Boligens Byggeskabe (BB) and resund cabinet-storage systems in 1957.Read More →

LC2 chair - The Square and Furniture Deisgn

Squares have influenced furniture design, enhancing aesthetics and functionality, with their roots in ancient Greek architecture and modernist furniture. The square shape is a timeless influence in furniture design, offering versatility, modularity, and sustainability through its equal sides and right angles.Read More →

Lepower Metal Desk Lamp featured image

This lamp features a high-quality metal lampshade and base that is heavy-duty, long-lasting, and attractive, brightening your living space, bedroom, or study room.Read More →