Hero Image Furniture Trends for 2024

In 2024, furniture trends will focus on aesthetics and sustainability with subtle patterns, sustainable and ethically produced pieces, deeper color hues, personalized designs, multi-functional items, and incorporation of natural elements.Read More →

earo Pro A revolutionary orchestra chair designed exclusively to meet the needs of musicians.

Irish designer Gearóid O’Conchubhair is prominent in furniture and industrial design, with his unique approach, use of materials, and comprehension of structure and ergonomics. With numerous awards, his works combine functionality, ergonomics, and aesthetics, significantly influencing the Irish design industry.
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French Neoclassical console chair

French furniture has evolved over 200 years, showcasing varying styles including the grandeur of the Baroque era, the whimsical Rococo, the simplicity of Neoclassical designs, the departure of Art Nouveau, and a 20th-century revival of previous styles. These iconic styles continue to inspire contemporary design.Read More →


Artemide launches the ILIO 10 Special Edition lamp to celebrate the original ILIO’s 10th anniversary, featuring a sustainable shaded metal finish, dynamic light management via an app, and a commemorative laser-engraved signature, signifying the brand’s commitment to design excellence and sustainability.Read More →

Children's Library in "La Ciudadela" by Bernado Gómez-Pimienta

Bernardo Gómez-Pimienta, a globally influential figure, blends architecture with furniture design. Born in Belgium and based in Mexico, his works reflect his international background and his focus on functional aesthetics. His career includes academia, architectural identity projects, and award-winning designs.
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Wall Coat Rack by James Irvine

James Irvine, a renowned industrial designer born into a creative family, balanced geometric formalism and user-centric design to produce practical and aesthetically pleasing designs across sectors. Despite his early demise in 2013, his legacy continues in Studio Irvine.Read More →

Colour Blocking and Interior Design

Colour blocking, a practice rooted in early 20th-century modernist art, involves using contrasting or complementary colours to create dynamic visual effects. It’s heavily applied in fashion and interior design, offering a fresh approach to personal style and vibrant spaces. Despite differing opinions on its origins and future, colour blocking remains a transformative and timeless element in aesthetics and visual design.Read More →

Mid Century Coffee Table by Paolo Buffa

Paolo Buffa, influential mid-century Italian designer, is known for his fusion of traditional and modern aesthetics. Trained at Milan’s Polytechnic Institute and mentored by Gio Ponti, his acclaimed works now define the era and remain popular among collectors.
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Fler SC55 Armchair (Circa 1955-59)

Fred Lowen, a German-Australian designer and Holocaust survivor, left a significant legacy in Australian design. His celebrated collections including SC Series, Narvik, Fleronde and Twen, intertwine personal history, aesthetics, and functionality. His life and work represents the transformative power of design.
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Koloman Moser Armchair

Early 20th century Vienna was a hotbed of creativity in art, architecture, and design, particularly due to influential figures like Josef Hoffmann and Koloman Moser. Involved with Wiener Werkstätte, they created utilitarian yet artistically innovative furniture, shaping Austrian design significantly.Read More →

Q Stak Chair 1954 designed by Robin Day

The Q Stak chair, designed by Robin Day for Hille in 1953, embodies British modernism and the innovation of accessible, quality furniture. Combining aesthetics, practicality, and material innovation, it remains a seminal symbol of good design.Read More →

Grid Suspended ceiling light bronze by Antoine Rouzeau

Antoine Rouzeau, acclaimed architect and designer, has transitioned from architecture to product design. Having worked in prestigious agencies and now the Musée d’Orsay, Rouzeau applies a design philosophy emphasizing clarity and utility. His work consistently combines aesthetics and functionality.Read More →

"Muszla" [Shell] chair Hanna Lachert; "Ład" Artists’ Cooperative

Hanna Lachert’s mid-century “Muszla” [Shell] chair, created in 1956, epitomizes aesthetic and functional mid-century modern design. Despite decades past since its creation, it remains popular due to its timeless appeal and iconic features.Read More →

Malta Collection designed by Ramón Esteve

The article explores five influential Spanish furniture designers – Patricia Urquiola, Jaime Hayon, Javier Mariscal, Oscar Tusquets Blanca, and Ramón Esteve. Their innovative works combine diverse elements such as multidisciplinary design, humor, storytelling, classical aesthetics, and minimalism, impacting global design trends.Read More →

Living room design from Baleria Italia (screenshot from website).

Baleri Italia, established in the 1980s, is a trailblazing international design brand known for its Italian craftsmanship, collaborations with renowned designers, minimalist yet bold aesthetics, and iconic creations. Its designs reflect a blend of classic and contemporary styles, and its influence extends to prestigious institutions such as MoMA.
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Modern Scandinavian Design Hardcover

“Modern Scandinavian Design” by Charlotte and Peter Fiell is an authoritative guide on Nordic design, emphasizing its commitment to social equality and quality of life. The in-depth book covers various design disciplines, making it an essential resource for design enthusiasts and practitioners.
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The Mid-Century 1-drawer Wood Side Table demonstrates the mid-century design principles of simplicity, functionality, and natural beauty, featuring a light walnut finish, recessed drawer, and tapered legs, garnering continued admiration for its timeless appeal.Read More →

McKinnon & Harris Estate, Yatcht and Garden Furniture

McKinnon and Harris specializes in high-end aluminium outdoor furniture, merging craftsmanship with durability. Their work, available internationally, combines design aesthetics with functionality, extending the discourse of decorative and applied arts to outdoor settings. Their strong digital presence facilitates global accessibility.Read More →

B & B Italia Selection of Furniture. ELLE Decoration 2015

Since 1966, B&B Italia has defined contemporary design with innovative use of technology and culturally responsive creations like Patricia Urquiola’s informal “Tufty-Time” and Antonio Citterio’s balanced “Michel Club.” Its pioneering use of cold-molded polyurethane foam sets it apart.Read More →

Libra lux Lamp featured image

Explore the timeless brilliance of Roberto Menghi’s Libra Lux lamp of 1948. Discover its ingenious design, adaptability, and craftsmanship in this homage to a true design masterpiece.Read More →