LaGardo Tackett (1911 – 1992) American Ceramicist

LaGardo Tackett featured image
LaGardo Tackett featured image

Planters indoor and outdoor use

La Gardo Tackett (1911 – 1992) was a Los Angeles-based American ceramicist.

He attended Claremont College in California, where he studied sculpture and art history.

He ran a pottery studio from 1946 to 1954. He taught at Los Angeles’s California School of Design, where he and his students developed outdoor pottery planters, which resulted in establishing the Architectural Pottery in 1950.

He then created glazed and unglazed hemispherical, cylindrical, and hourglass-shaped planters for use both indoors and out. During the 1950s, Tackett’s modular, geometrical glazed pottery planters and freestanding sculptures were popular.

He designed the 1957 Schmid International ceramic dinnerware collection, which was manufactured in Japan. He was the manager of Herman Miller’s object division beginning in 1963.



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LaGardo Tackett

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