New Yorker punch bowl, Schrenkengost & Cowan Pottery, 1930, Cleveland Museum of Art

Explore the life and legacy of Viktor Schreckengost, America’s multi-talented designer. From industrial design to World War II radar tech, discover how he shaped the American design landscape.”Read More →

Sleeps With The Fishes record sleeve designed by Vaughan Oliver

Explore the transformative impact of Vaughan Oliver’s album art designs for iconic bands under the 4AD label. Learn how Oliver elevated album covers from mere promotional materials to standalone works of art, leaving a lasting legacy in both music and visual arts.Read More →

Adolfo Collection at the Met

Adolfo F. Sardiña, known simply as Adolfo, carved a niche in the fashion world with his timeless, elegant designs. Born in Cuba and naturalized in the U.S., he won prestigious awards like the Coty and Neiman Marcus. Notably, his creations graced future First Lady Nancy Reagan, embodying dignified, enduring style.Read More →

Dansk International - Design Firm

Dansk quickly gained a reputation for well-designed dinnerware that embodied the sophisticated postwar Scandinavian aesthetic of combining artisan traditions with industrial production. Read More →

KOFPAR, Japanese cast iron Teapot with Removable Stainless Steel Infuser, Stovetop Safe, Tetsubin Coated with Enamel Interior (950 ml/33 oz)

If you’re a tea enthusiast who loves rich flavours, our Japanese Cast Iron Teapot is perfect for you. It comesRead More →

Chinese Woman designed by Adolf Amberg

Adolf Amberg was a German sculptor and designer who designed ornamental objects and silverware for the Bruckmann & Sohn factory and Berlin porcelain factory.Read More →

Cordley and Hayes water cooler

Amid growing sanitation awareness, the early 20th-century the C & H Water Cooler emerged as a unique innovation. As weRead More →

Libra lux Lamp featured image

Explore the timeless brilliance of Roberto Menghi’s Libra Lux lamp of 1948. Discover its ingenious design, adaptability, and craftsmanship in this homage to a true design masterpiece.Read More →

LIP line Isabelle Hebey

Explore the life and legacy of Isabelle Hebey, the groundbreaking French designer known for her eclectic style and high-profile clients. Learn how she revolutionized interior design by seamlessly blending the old with the new.Read More →

Carl Curtis ranch, Altadena, 1906

In the early 20th century, Louis B. Easton emerged as a significant figure in American architecture and furniture design. Though never formally registered as an architect, Easton’s contribution to the Arts and Crafts movement was immeasurable. Originating as a vice-principal and manual arts teacher in Illinois, his journey took him to Pasadena, California, where he designed about 25 homes. His masterpiece, the Carl Curtis ranch, epitomized his philosophy that construction materials should serve both structural and aesthetic purposes. Easton was more than just an architect; he was an educator, a craftsman, and a visionary who left an indelible imprint on American design.Read More →

Andrée Putman photo in black and white - featured image

Andrée Putman was a French interior designer, furniture designer, and entrepreneur. She was born in Paris. Putman was probably best known internationally for her black and white palette, illustrated by the 1985 interior of Morgans Hotel in New York. It was commissioned by the entrepreneurs Ian Schrager and Steve Rubell.Read More →

Aldo Rossi featured image

Aldo Rossi (1931 – 1997) was an Italian architect. He was born and professionally active in Milan.

He is considered by many to be the greatest Italian architect of the second half of the 20th century. His life as an architect began with Gardella and Zanuso. Read More →

Brushed Vaga Lamp featured image

Franco Mirenzi is an Italian industrial designer who was born in 1942.Read More →

Matteograssi Pelikan Design Niels Gammelgaard Lars Mathiesen Tressa | 1995

Experience Lars Mathiesen’s enchanting Café Table, a harmonious fusion of modern design and classic aesthetics. Explore the captivating allure of this collaborative creation with Fritz Hansen.Read More →

he was artistic director of Cappellini International Interiors and in charge of corporate image and communications; from 1982, he was consultant designer for several firms on pavilions, shops, and exhibition stands.Read More →

The Space Detroit Ruth Malinowski

Renowned Danish artist Ruth Malinowski, born in 1928 in Vienna, Austria, has a compelling story that transcends boundaries. Her artistry, profoundly manifested in her tapestry work, marries traditional weaving techniques with contemporary designs, leaving an indelible impact on the art world.
Read More →

Chandelier by Robert Goossens featured image

Monsieur Bijou was the moniker given to Robert Goosens, a French jeweller who lived from 1927 to 2016. He was born in Paris, France, the son of a metal foundry worker. He learned the techniques of casting, engraving, and embossing semi-precious and simulated stones into gold and silver metals during his apprenticeship in jewellery making. Read More →

Kaststel Vases Rijksmuseum designed by Theo Colenbrander (1886)

Discover Theo Colenbrander, the first Dutch industrial designer who revolutionized Dutch decorative earthenware. With his innovative and abstracted designs, he transformed ceramics at Plateelbakkerij Rozenburg from 1884 to 1888. Colenbrander’s influence extended beyond ceramics to textiles, incorporating European styles and Java’s batik patterns. Explore his life, creative contributions, and lasting design legacy.Read More →

Victor Papanek was a socially responsible designer. Design for the Real World, his book, was released in 20 different languages. TELL ME MORERead More →

The Casino Building at Blackpool Pleasure Beach, designed by Emberton in 1939

Explore the remarkable legacy of Joseph Emberton, an overlooked yet influential figure in architecture. From iconic structures like the Royal Corinthian Yacht Club to comprehensive design solutions for commercial spaces, Emberton’s impact on Modernist architecture is revealed. Delve into his diverse portfolio, including housing, exhibition buildings, and entertainment architecture. Discover how Emberton’s post-war contributions transformed urban spaces. Join us in celebrating the genius of Joseph Emberton and his lasting influence on architectural design.Read More →