Jewellery in the Age of Modernism

This study explores the relationship between jewellery, modernism and modernity from the ‘jazz age’ to the second world war, exploring the importance of representation and display in creating a modern ‘jewellery culture’.Read More →

Bernard Instone (1891-1987) Superb Arts & Crafts Demi Parure

British silversmith Bernard Instone, born in 1891, revolutionized jewelry design with his enameled silver work, blending traditional techniques with individual creativity. His legacy continues to inspire artisans today.Read More →

André Hunebelle - Ashtray

André Hunebelle, a French creative artist, studied mathematics at École Polytechnique and worked in glassware, lighting, and metalwork. He transitioned to media and film, producing and directing successful films like “Feu Sacré” and winning the Prix du Meill.Read More →

Otto Wagner colouring book featured image

By the time the Viennese architect Otto Wagner (1841-1918) began publishing the drawings included in this colouring book, he had already spent much of his career designing historicist-style buildings. But his attitude was changing, and he completely ignored those early designs in time.Read More →

Constructed Head by Naum Gabo

Naum Gabo, a Russian sculptor, was a pioneer in constructivist art, studying at Munich University and teaching at Harvard University’s Graduate School of Architecture. His life and work exemplify artistic innovation and the power of art to shape societal structures.Read More →

Ernest Chaplet featured image

Ernest Chaplet (1835 – 1909) was a French ceramicist, an early studio potter’ who mastered slip decoration, rediscovered stoneware, and conducted copper-red studies. From 1882 to 1885, he was the director of Charles Haviland’s workshop to study decorative processes, where he collaborated with artists such as Paul Gauguin. He eventually moved to Choisy-le-Roi, where he focused on porcelain glaze studies.Read More →

Fontainbleu | Hunter, Eileen | V&A Explore The Collections

Eileen Hunter, a British textile designer and writer, revolutionized the industry with vibrant colors and innovative patterns, challenging the status quo and inspiring change. Hunter Eileen, known as Laura Hunter, was a trailblazer in design and literature, publishing articles, books, and showcasing her storytelling talent. Her innovative designs and literary contributions continue to inspire today’s creatives.Read More →

Sheila Hicks featured image

Sheila Hicks, an influential American textile designer, explores fibre art, exploring boundaries between art, design, and craft, collaborating with artisans and communities. Hicks, a French textile artist, combines traditional techniques with contemporary sensibility, creating large-scale installations, wall hangings, sculptures, and installations. Her work explores texture, color, form, and challenges traditional notions of textile art.Read More →

Hille Poly Chair featured image

Hille, a British furniture manufacturer, is known for its Modernist chairs and has collaborated with renowned designers like Robin Day and Fred Scott. The Poly Side chair, introduced in 1963, is renowned for its innovative use of materials and functional, minimalist design. Made from molded polypropylene, it is durable, lightweight, and easy to clean. The chair’s timeless design and innovative materials have made it a popular design classic, winning the Design Centre Award in 1963.Read More →

Rudolf Hammel Silverware Design

Rudolf Hammel, an Austrian architect, designer, and teacher, was a professor at the Kunstgewerbeschule in Vienna. He designed silverware for Josef Bannert and A. Pollak, showcasing his contemporary aesthetic. Hammel’s contributions to Vienna’s design scene are evident.Read More →

Otl Aicher 1972 Munich Olympics Archery poster. Featured image

From 1946 to 1947, Otl Aicher (1922 – 1991) attended the Munich Academy of Fine Arts. He later became closely affiliated with Ulm’s highly influential and radical Hochschule Für Gestaltung after founding a studio there the following year.Read More →

Peter Opsvik chairs

Peter Opsvik is a Norwegian furniture designer. In the 1960s, studied ergonomics under Ulrich Burandt and in design schools in Bergen and Oslo. In the 1970s, in Britain and Volkwangschule filr Kunstgewerbe, Essen. 1965-70, he was a designer at the Tandberg Radio Factory.Read More →

Leif Erik Rasmussen

Leif Erik Rasmussen is a Danish architect and furniture designer. He studied furniture design at Kunsthåndværkersklen, Copenhagen to 1968.Read More →

SOOWERY End Tables

Side Tables with Charging Stations feature two AC outlets, USB ports, and a 6.5 ft cord each, with a well-considered design and curved design. They fit tight spaces and are easy to assemble.Read More →

Thinking with type: A Critical Guide for Designers, Writers, Editors, & Students (Revised, Expanded) Cover Art

Thinking with Type, a best-selling book, has been revised and expanded, offering new content on typography, style sheets, ornaments, numerals, and more. It’s suitable for designers, writers, editors, and students.Read More →

Frechet Brothers three chairs

Andre Frechet (1875-1973) and Paul Frechet were French decorators and furniture designers. They were born in Chalons-sur-Mame; and active in Paris.

Working together and individually from 1906, the Frechet brothers’ furniture designs were produced by various firms including Jacquemin freres in Strasbourg, E. Verot, and Charles Jean-selme; 1909-11.Read More →

Charles Plumet furniture

In the year 1861, Charles Plumet was born. As an architect, he built structures in the mediaeval and early French Renaissance styles. He worked on interiors and furniture designs in Art Nouveau styles with Tony Selmersheim (1871–1971). Between 1896 and 1901, Charles Plumet joined l’Art dans Tout (Art in Everything), an association of architects, painters, and sculptors who consciously attempted to renew decorative art, adopting styles ranging from adapted mediaeval to Art Nouveau. Read More →

Louis Miavaine featured image

Louis Midavaine (1888 – 1978) was a French accessories and furniture designer. He was born in Roubaix. He studied at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts, Roubaix.Read More →

Akira Isogawa featured image

Akira Isogawa, an Australian contemporary fashion designer, is known for his elegant simplicity, traditional Japanese techniques, and luxurious fabrics. He collaborates with high-profile brands and celebrities, and has international recognition. Australian fashion designer Akira Isogawa focuses on women’s fashion and has won awards for his designs. He is passionate about animal protection and has been honored with postage stamps.Read More →

Paul Chemetov featured image

Paul Chemetov, a French architect and furniture designer, studied at Ecole Nationale des Beaux-Arts and founded AUA in 1961. He designed low-cost housing and chair designs, earning the 1980 National Grand Prize for Architecture.Read More →