Sara Gironi Carnevale’s Challenging Illustrations shine a light on hypocrisy

Sara Gironi Carnevale is an Italian graphic designer and editorial illustrator who, through her ironic and satirical artworks, has developed a reputation for confronting contemporary issues.

She became influenced by an alternative way of life after spending some time in New York after graduation, which formed the basis of many of the style and influences of her work today. Her work is characterised by a powerful emotional effect with a clean style and a bold use of colour, featuring subjects such as human rights and the contradictions and injustices of society.

More info: Sara Gironi, Instagram, Behance (h/t: creativeboom)


Sara Gironi Carnevale is an Italian illustrator based in Naples. Her client list includes The Washington Post, Science Magazine, De Volkskrant, Politico, Scientific American, Corriere della Sera…

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