Design Awards & Competitions

Design Award & Competitions  Award are a crucial aspect of the design industry. They serve as a recognition of the creativity, innovation, and excellence of designers. These awards inspire designers to push their limits and strive for perfection. Winning an award can significantly boost a designer’s career by increasing their visibility, credibility, and reputation in the industry. It can also lead to new opportunities and collaborations with other professionals.

However, it’s not just about winning; participating in competitions can also be a valuable learning experience for designers. It allows them to receive feedback from experts in the field and improve their skills. Additionally, awards and competitions promote healthy competition among designers, ultimately benefiting the industry by raising the standard of design excellence. Therefore, designers should always watch for upcoming competitions and awards that align with their interests and goals.

Milan Triennial X - Poster

The Milan Triennial X was the Triennial in Milan sanctioned by the Bureau of International Expositions (BIE)on 5 November 1953. Its theme was Prefabrication – Industrial Design. It was held at the Palazzo dell’Arte and ran from 28 August 1954 to 22 November 1954.Read More →

Red Star Design Award logo featured image

The China Red Star Award began in 2006 and is thought to be the most important industrial design award in China. Its goal is to recognise and encourage the best design achievements in a wide range of activities. The judging panel is made up of experts from both inside and outside China.Read More →

Design Sketch featured image

The British Royal Society of Arts (RSA) established the Royal Designer for Industry designation in 1936 to encourage high-quality industrial design and elevate the reputation of designers. It is given to persons who have demonstrated “consistent excellence in beautiful and efficient industrial design.”Read More →

Lunning Prize featured image

Frederik Lunning, a Danish-born businessman and owner of the Georg Jensen Inc. store on Fifth Avenue in New York, created the Lunning Prize award in December 1951. This successful showcase for Danish porcelain and glass was developed in 1924, but supplies were cut off when World War II broke out.Read More →

iF Jurors

Celebrated and Valued Design Competitions iF International Forum Design GmbH organizes the iF DESIGN AWARD annually, one of the mostRead More →

Red Dot Design Awards - Winners

Since 1955, the Red Dot Award: Product Design has been searching for the year’s best products. Producers and designers can currently submit their industrial products in 49 categories, from fashion to consumer electronics, vehicles, medical technology and furniture.Read More →

Compasso d'Orro exhibition display

Aldo Borletti founded the Compasso d’Oro (Golden Compass) competition and the award for product aesthetics at the Italian department store La Rinascente at the X Triennale (see Milan Triennale) in Milan in 1954. In Europe, the award was the first of its kind. Read More →

Prince Eugene Medal

The Prince Eugene Medal (Swedish: Prins Eugen-medaljen) is a medal awarded by the King of Sweden for “outstanding artistic achievement.”Read More →