At Café Maison Sauvage, Mascarpone Pancakes with Red Fruit Compote

At Café Maison Sauvage, Mascarpone Pancakes with Red Fruit Compote is more than a meal, it’s a sensory journey. The dish exquisitely combines culinary skill with elements of design, inspiring a rich, memorable experience.Read More →

1979 Citroën 2CV our Parisian Chariot

The post details a romantic and immersive exploration of Paris’s historical landmarks from a 1979 Citroën 2CV, emphasizing emotional connections, simple joys, and seeing the city through a unique, intimate lens.Read More →

The Louvre Pyramid at the entrance to the Louvre

During an unexpected delay at the Louvre, a couple explores the Louvre Pyramid’s exterior, an architectural marvel designed by I. M. Pei, symbolizing a fusion of ancient symbolism and modern aesthetics.Read More →

The Pavillon de Flore, part of the Palais du Louvre in Paris

A couple’s unexpected delay at the Louvre led them to a fascinating exploration of the Pavillon de Flore, where they marvelled at its historical and architectural grandeur, underscoring the beauty in unplanned travel detours.
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Christmas Decorations at Galerie Lafayette in Paris

The author describes the magical Christmas experience at Galeries Lafayette in Paris, marveling at the grand decorations, city views, and the shared connection with the city and its festive spirit.Read More →

Fragipani petals on concrete path, Orchard Hill Road

Our first day in Singapore leads us through Orchard Hill Road, experiencing a mix of nature and urban design, traditional and modern elements, and uniquely Singaporean street art and culture.Read More →

Specimen of the typeface Neue Helvetica

The Swiss school, also known as International Typographic Style, was a design movement from the 1950s that emphasized clarity, visual unity, and factual presentation. Its influence, including use of mathematical grids and sans-serif typography, continues to shape modern design.Read More →

TV8-301 Portable Television, 1959; Manufactured by Sony Corporation

Founded in 1946 as Tokyo Tsushin Kogyo Kabushikikaisha, Sony transformed the consumer electronics industry with its products, balancing cutting-edge technology and practical design. Landmarks include Japan’s first tape recorder, the TV 80 301, and the pioneering Walkman and Discman.
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Berlin Underground Map

Erik Spiekermann and MetaDesign successfully modernized Berlin’s underground signage by blending tradition and technology, continuing the modernist legacy in typography. The resultant information system is efficient, visually appealing, and highly acclaimed. Further enhancements, including interactive information kiosks, are ongoing.Read More →

Gift Ideas from Amazon

The article provides gift suggestions from Amazon for those who love applied and decorative arts, including home decor, artistic clocks, digital design tools like 3D pens and VR headsets, and handcrafted jewelry.Read More →

Hero Image Furniture Trends for 2024

In 2024, furniture trends will focus on aesthetics and sustainability with subtle patterns, sustainable and ethically produced pieces, deeper color hues, personalized designs, multi-functional items, and incorporation of natural elements.Read More →

earo Pro A revolutionary orchestra chair designed exclusively to meet the needs of musicians.

Irish designer Gearóid O’Conchubhair is prominent in furniture and industrial design, with his unique approach, use of materials, and comprehension of structure and ergonomics. With numerous awards, his works combine functionality, ergonomics, and aesthetics, significantly influencing the Irish design industry.
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The blog post discusses the prolific career of Bethan Laura Wood, an internationally recognized English designer known for her uniquely vibrant and sculptural works spanning jewellery, furniture, decorative objects, and lighting, demonstrating a blend of traditional and contemporary aesthetics.Read More →

Mitchell Joachim

Mitchell Joachim, co-founder of Terreform ONE and NYU Associate Professor, is a renowned figure in innovative design and urban planning. His work merges art, science, bio-inspired, and sustainable design, pushing boundaries in urban architecture.Read More →

Baccarat Home Decor

Founded in 1764, Baccarat, the esteemed French glassworks, has sustained its global appeal through exquisite designs and superb craftsmanship in products ranging from crystal stemware to jewelry. Renowned for timeless aesthetics and meticulous detailing, Baccarat’s luxury crystal continues to symbolize elegance and quality.Read More →

Drug Jar ca. 1544 - 1550 by Maaséot Abaquesne

Masséot Abaquesne, a revered French Renaissance potter, was renowned for his grand feu faience technique and intricate designs, significantly impacting the world of applied and decorative arts. His works remain admired and globally collected symbols of French pottery craftsmanship.Read More →

Sample of Illustration Portfolio of Lotta Nieminen (screenshot from landing page)

Lotta Nieminen, a Finnish designer based in New York City, is celebrated for her vibrant, unique graphic designs and illustrations. Raised in an artistic family and trained in Helsinki, she has made significant impacts in both print and children’s illustration, earning global acclaim and numerous awards.
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Pop Art City

The content paints a vivid picture of a colorful, bustling city, where diverse lives and stories blend in an ever-evolving tapestry of human affairs and history.Read More →

Boston International KAC20022 Spring Ceramic Pitcher

The Boston International Spring Ceramic Pitcher is a 7.75-inch piece, beautifully adorned with a bird and cherry blossoms – a symbol of life’s fleeting beauty. It’s a functional, microwave and dishwasher-safe item, perfect for serving beverages or as a decorative vase.Read More →

The poem characterizes an Art Deco styled jungle as a serene, unseen haven where nature intersects with man-made architecture. It merges the jungle’s wild green with mankind’s steel, glass, marble, bronze and gold, creating a historical, paradoxical urban forest.Read More →