Børge Mogensen the Spanish Chair for Fredericia.

Fredericia, a Danish furniture company, thrived post-WWII through strategic collaborations, innovative designs, and visionary business strategies, highlighting the transformative power of design in shaping brand identity. The brand moulded global design trends while maintaining its unique aesthetics and functionality.
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Screenshot from FontanaArte Website

Fontana Arte, established in the 1930s by Gio Ponti, is a cornerstone of Italian design. Despite post-war challenges and shifts in ownership, the brand consistently maintains quality and creativity, further enhancing their prestige through collaborations with renowned designers and continuously innovating their product offerings.
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Tabula Rasa Table 1987 by Uwe Fischer

German furniture and lamp designer, Uwe Fischer, balanced market demands and craft-making, resulting in Ginbande Design. Ginbande creations symbolize versatility and functionality, influencing the Neues Deutsches Design movement. Post-Ginbande, Fischer continued creating adaptable designs and conducted object perception research.
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Jacquard loom in the Making It gallery in the National Museum of Scotland

The Jacquard mechanism, a transformative 18th-century invention, revolutionized textile design by enabling complex patterns. The system of hooks, needles, and perforated cards inspired modern computer programming and continues to influence today’s textile industry.
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Cliff Fong Interior Designer

Cliff Fong, an eclectic design mogul, blends historical art perspectives, fashion insights, and interior design elements to create aesthetic and resonant spaces. His career path shows the fluidity within the design world, urging fellow designers to explore this interconnectedness.Read More →

Dreams cabinet by Cristian Zuzunga

Cristian Zuzunaga, a Spanish designer, significantly impacts the modern design world with his unique approach that combines traditional craftsmanship with digital aesthetics. Highlighted by a distinct pixelated style, his striking, colour-rich creations exemplify the dynamic evolution of 21st-century design.Read More →

jewelry designer designs jewelries on paper

The history of jewelry design spans millennia, from the use of simple materials like shells and bones in ancient times to the creative shift with the Art Nouveau movement, and continues to evolve and adapt to changing societal tastes, reflecting its enduring artistic value.Read More →

Typical Adirondack chair in eastern Ohio

The Adirondack chair, originating from early 1900s New York, is admired for its iconic, comfortable design and versatile adaptability. This timeless piece epitomizes outdoor relaxation, continues to inspire designers, and remains popular globally.Read More →

Sillon curved chair designed by Yngve Ekström

Swedish furniture designer Yngve Ekström significantly contributed to the Scandinavian Modernism movement, most famously with the “Lamino” armchair. Co-founder of Swedese, Ekström’s designs emphasize simplicity, functionality, and connection to nature.Read More →

Public office landscapes designed by Yves Béhar

Famed designer Yves Béhar employs a unique blend of aesthetics and functionality in public office landscapes. Discover his inspiring journey.Read More →

Indsande Daybed, table and stool by Anker Bak

Born in 1983, Anker Bak reshapes design through his unique craftsmanship and understanding of functionality, honed through a journey from carpentry to innovative design. His notable creations, like the wooden crutch and Rocking Nest Chair, highlight his blending of minimalism, functionality, and aesthetic beauty.Read More →

Interior by Alexis Mabille

Buoyed by his thriving business as a designer of restaurants, including Le Boeuf sur le Toit in Paris and Cipriani in Saint-Tropez, Mabille has produced a mix of one-of-a-kind pieces and limited-edition items under his own Beaubow Editions imprint.Read More →

Keith Haring Collingwood Mural

Keith Haring was an influential American artist whose unique blend of street, graffiti, and pop art reverberated globally. His iconic mural in Collingwood, Australia, emblematizes his artistry’s power and his positive messages of unity and social activism.Read More →

Coco Chanel Jewellery

Costume jewellery, affordable, stylish, and rich in history, has once again become prominent in fashion. Iconic figures like Coco Chanel and characters like Carrie Bradshaw have significantly contributed to its popularity.Read More →

Mural by Yayoi Kusama

The Moco Museum in Barcelona, residing in the historical Palacio Cervelló, showcases a merger of architectural history and modern art. The Moco Modern Masters exhibition features influential artists including Warhol, Basquiat, Haring, and Kusama, reflecting on societal themes and the intertwining of past and present.
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F**k you Be Happy: A Stencil’s Bold Message

Strolling through the Gothic Quarter, Barcelona, the author discovers a striking piece of street art with a paradoxical message, inspiring reflections on the power of design, the essence of street art, and the contrast between defiance and joy.Read More →

La estrella herida (1992), de Rebecca Horn, Paseo Marítimo de la Barceloneta.

Barcelona’s public sculpture ‘L’estel ferit’ by Rebecca Horn, symbolizes resilience of the city’s past with corten steel structures, blending urban landscape with art. It invokes sensory and intellectual interaction, reflecting the changing narrative of cities.Read More →

Side Nave perspective of Church of Santa Maria del Pi in Barcelona

Santa Maria del Pi Church in Barcelona, a testament to 14th-century Catalan Gothic architecture, incorporates a single nave, cross-vaulted sections, a polygonal apse, and lateral chapels. Its design symbolizes divine transcendence and introspection.
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Interior of the eastern side of the Sagrada Familia

A couple marvel at Barcelona’s iconic Sagrada Família, a representation of Antoni Gaudí’s architectural brilliance and design philosophy. The basilica’s interior offers a tapestry of light and color and, still under construction since 1882, stands as a testament to the evolving nature of art and architecture.Read More →

At Café Maison Sauvage, Mascarpone Pancakes with Red Fruit Compote

At Café Maison Sauvage, Mascarpone Pancakes with Red Fruit Compote is more than a meal, it’s a sensory journey. The dish exquisitely combines culinary skill with elements of design, inspiring a rich, memorable experience.Read More →