Chair Design

A selection of blog posts and articles about the designing process of chairs. The selection of blog posts and articles about the designing process of chairs offers a fascinating insight into the world of furniture design. From initial sketches to final prototypes, these pieces provide a comprehensive overview of the creative process behind some of the most iconic chairs in history.

Through research about designers and manufacturers, readers can gain an understanding of the challenges and opportunities that arise during each stage of development. Whether interested in mid-century modern classics or contemporary designs, this collection has something for everyone. You’ll learn about the importance of ergonomics, materials selection, and sustainability in creating comfortable and functional seating solutions. And you’ll gain an appreciation for the artistry involved in transforming a simple concept into a beautiful and functional piece of furniture.

LC2 chair - The Square and Furniture Deisgn

Squares have influenced furniture design, enhancing aesthetics and functionality, with their roots in ancient Greek architecture and modernist furniture. The square shape is a timeless influence in furniture design, offering versatility, modularity, and sustainability through its equal sides and right angles.Read More →

Hille Poly Chair featured image

Hille, a British furniture manufacturer, is known for its Modernist chairs and has collaborated with renowned designers like Robin Day and Fred Scott. The Poly Side chair, introduced in 1963, is renowned for its innovative use of materials and functional, minimalist design. Made from molded polypropylene, it is durable, lightweight, and easy to clean. The chair’s timeless design and innovative materials have made it a popular design classic, winning the Design Centre Award in 1963.Read More →

Peter Opsvik chairs

Peter Opsvik is a Norwegian furniture designer. In the 1960s, studied ergonomics under Ulrich Burandt and in design schools in Bergen and Oslo. In the 1970s, in Britain and Volkwangschule filr Kunstgewerbe, Essen. 1965-70, he was a designer at the Tandberg Radio Factory.Read More →

Butterfly Dining Chair

The Armen Living Butterfly Dining Chair in Green Fabric and Walnut Wood Finish offers a stylish and comfortable dining experience. Its unique butterfly design and durable construction make it perfect for families with children or pets. Easy to clean and maintain.Read More →

Womb Chair - Eero Saarinen

Its name expresses its purpose: “It was designed on the theory that a great number of people have never felt secure and comfortable since they have left the womb.”Read More →

Giancarlo Piretti. Plia Folding and Stacking Chair. 1967

Giancarlo Piretti’s “Plia” is a unique folding chair that combines form, function, and aesthetics in perfect harmony. It is reasonably priced, takes up little room, has a visible folding mechanism, and can be used both inside and outside.Read More →

Billy Wilder chaise lounge, model ES106

The Wilder Chaise 1968 Lounge is a masterpiece of design created by Charles and Ray Eames, featuring a nylon-coated cast aluminium frame and base with a leather-covered polyurethane foam upholstered seating section. It is functional and adds elegance to any living space.Read More →

LL2 Lounge Chair – designed by BonnettiKozerski. This beautiful elegant lounge chair was first exhibited in New York in 2011. Read MoreRead More →

Miss Sissi Lamps designed by Phillippe Starck

The Miss Sissi Table Lamp, replete with a mysterious name, is a signature Starck product: a clever reworking of anRead More →

Garriri Chair by Javier Mariscal

This black leather and metal-framed chair was designed by the Spanish artist, designer, and cartoon enthusiast Javier Mariscal.Read More →